Alan Howard Reads

Alan Howard Reads
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Actor Alan Howard marks his 70th birthday by reading stories specially written for him by (Monday) Tom Stoppard, and from Tuesday to Friday by Julian Barnes, Helen Simpson, Marina Warner and Nina Raine.

Monday 15th October: On Dover Beach by Tom Stoppard
Tuesday 16th October: Marriage Lines by Julian Barnes
Wednesday 17th October: The Tipping Point by Helen Simpson
Thursday 18th October: The Family Friend by Marina Warner
Friday 19th October: The Sentence by Nina Raine

Radio Times, 13 - 19 October 2007

It says a lot about Alan Howard's status as an actor, especially his numerous starring roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company, that Tom Stoppard, Julian Barnes, Marina Warner, Helen Simpson and Nina Raine all agreed to write a story for him to read this week. My favourite is Tuesday's tale, Marriage Lines, written by Julian Barnes. It's the story of a widower who returns to a Scottish island where he and his wife shared happy holidays, only to discover the full force of the grief that will be with him for years.

Jane Anderson

Radio Times, 13 - 19 October 2007

Writing for a particular actor's voice

To commemorate Alan Howard's 70th birthday, Tom Stoppard, Julian Barnes, Helen Simpson, Marina Warner and Nina Raine have each written a story for him to read on the radio. In tonight's Front Row, Julian Barnes and Helen Simpson discuss what it's like to create something with a particular actor in mind: how the knowledge of that performer's strengths affect the storyline, whether any character-requirements are carefully included - or left out, and to what extent the friendship between author and actor colours the finished work.

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