The Winter's Tale

Review January 1955, The Ardingley Annals.


"........... Howard's Autolycus was so good because he made the vicious rascal so pleased with himself; every time he was alone he whooped with delight at the success of his own villainy. His speech, his gesture, all had unflagging gusto - not heavy-handed amateur buffoonery this, but a professional deftness and self-confidence that were impressive in themselves and, one felt, an essential qualification for snapping up of unconsidered trifles. Autolycus does not test an actor's range as does Leontes, but within the limits set by the part, Howard's performance was the most accomplished of the play........."

(Thanks to M.H. for the research here - and no, the 'Twelfth Night' review (etc.) is not going up! Look the others up for yourselves!) JP.

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