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The family theatrical links:


The Cowells in America, 1860-1861 from the diary of Mrs Sam Cowell, ed. M. Willson Disher
Thirty Years Passed Among The Players by Joe Cowell
Memoir of Henry Compton by Charles and Edward Compton
From Theatre to Convent by Isobel Bateman
Rosemary by Fay Compton
Behind An Old Stage Door, by Sydney Fairbrother
My Life and Times, (particularly Octaves One and Two) by Compton Mackenzie
The Mackenzies called Compton, by Lou Warwick
Compton Mackenzie, by Andro Linklater
A Quite Remarkable Father, by L.R.Howard
In Search of my Father, by Ronald Howard
Trivial Fond Records, by Leslie Howard
Flight 777 by Ian Colvin

New Readings in Theatre History, chapter 7, by Jacky Bratton.

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