Production Information

 RSC Programme

The Royal Shakespeare Company


The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon.

First performance of this production: 18.10.77.


Caius Martius later Coriolanus

Volumnia his mother

Virgilia his wife

Valeria their friend


Young Martius

Alan Howard

Maxine Audley

Fleur Chandler

Yvonne Coulette

Jill Baker

Jamie Glover/
Vincent Macauley



Cominius the consul

Titus Lartius


First Roman Senator afterwards Nicanor

Second Roman Senator

Sicinius Velutus a tribune to the people

Junius Brutus a tribune to the people


First Roman Citizen

Second Roman Citizen

Third Roman Citizen

Fourth Roman Citizen

Fifth Roman Citizen

Sixth Roman Citizen

Seventh Roman Citizen

Jeffery Dench

Bernard Brown

Graham Crowden

Paul Imbusch

John Burgess

Tim Wylton

Oliver Ford- Davies

Pat Connell

Barrie Rutter

Philip Dunbar

Arthur Whybrow

Richard Derrington

David Shaw-Parker

Matthew Guiness

Iain Mitchell



Tullus Aufidius

First Volscian Senator

Second Volscian Senator afterwards Adrian

Volscian Lieutenant

First Volscian Citizen

Second Volscian Citizen

Third Volscian Citizen

Julian Glover

Desmond Stokes

Stephen Jenn

Charles Dance

Anthony Naylor

Billie Brown

Michael Bertenshaw

Directed by

Designed by

Music by

Company voice work by

Fights arranged by

Assistant Director

Stage Manager

Deputy Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Terry Hands


Ian Kellam

Cicely Berry

Ian McKay

Ian Judge

Robin Miskimmin

Louise Horswill

Hilary Graham

MUSICIANS: Michael Tubbs Music Director, Gordon Bennet trumpet, Nigel Garvey timpany, Roger Hellyer bassoon, Peter Morris horn, Robert Pritchard trumpet, Ian Reynolds flute, piccolo, Gareth Richards trombone, David Statham horn, Robin Weatherall percussion, John Woolf oboe cor anglais.

Act 1 will be about 45 minutes. Act II will be about 75 minutes. Act III will be about 60 minutes. There will be two intervals.


Playing Shakespeare/Coriolanus