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Sunday November 30th
Foyles War, ITV, 9pm.

Unless you are a devotee of nostalgia-drenched murder mysteries, the only reason to watch Foyle's War to date has been the performance of Michael Kitchen - an actor capable of making even the most banal dialogue sound as if Chekhov had written it. Take him away, and Foyle's War would have nothing to offer but a numbing Sunday-night ordinariness. But tonight there is an added bonus. Kitchen is joined by Alan Howard, one of the greatest Shakespearean actors of his generation. It seems appropriate that the two should be cast as friends.


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Pick of the Day
Sunday November 30th, 2003
Foyles War, ITV, 9pm

Another entertaining episode as Michael Kitchen's world-weary wartime detective tackles some jolly nasty corporate types who seem to believe - gasp, horror! - that wealth is more important than king and country. As usual, the case comes Foyle's way almost by accident: a seemingly innocuous burglary at the palatial home of a local tycoon becoming the means by which a multi-layered story of greed, betrayal and murder gradually unfolds. By way of a bonus, Alan Howard puts in a terrific performance as an old, but decidedly suspect, pal of Foyle's, the naturalised German barrister Stephen Beck.

Gerard O'Donovan