Headcase: Anna Lee

ANNA LEE: HEADCASE (Pilot) (10 January 1993, LWT Productions/ITV) Later aired on "A&E Mystery Movie" October 4, 1994
Teleplay: Andrew Davies
Directed: Colin Bucksey
Producer: Sue Birtwhistle
Based on the novel by Liza Cody
A Granada/London Weekend Television Production


Imogen Stubbs as ANNA LEE
Michael Bryant as Commander Brierly
Ken Stott as Bernie Schiller
Barbara Leigh-Hunt as Beryl Doyle
Edin McCarthy as Quex
Brian Glover as Selwyn


Alan Howard as Mr. Hahn
Kate Beckinsale
as Thea Hahn
Shirley Anne Field
as Mrs Westerman

Alan Howard and Imogen Stubbs


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