Images of Henry V

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Henry receives a gift of tennis balls from the Dauphin. Henry V, 1975: Act 1 Scene 2. RST.

Henry calls for a final effort to assault Harfleur. Henry V, 1975: Act 3 scene 2. RST.

The French discuss the military success of the English. Henry V, 1975: Act 3 Scene 6. RST.

Henry mediates between Fluellen and Williams. Henry V 1975. RST.

"Oh God thy hand was here." Henry V, 1975: Act 4 Scene 3. RST.

Mountjoy gives news of the French surrender to Henry. Henry V, 1975: Act 4 scene 7. RST.

Henry woos Katherine. Henry V, 1975: Act 5 Scene 2. RST.

Alan Howard as Henry V Royal Shakespeare Theatre, 1975.

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Once more into the breach: RST March 1975

Alan Howard as Henry V: RSC January 1976

The breach scene in colour: RSC July 1977

Henry V showing the canopy: RSC July 1977

Playing Shakespeare/Henry V