Production Information

1975 centenary programme

The Royal Shakespeare Company

Henry V by William Shakespeare

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon

First performance of this production: 31.3.75

Aldwych Theatre, London

Opening date: 16.1.76



Emrys James


Archbishop of Canterbury

Bishop of Ely

King Henry V

Humphrey Duke of Gloucester brother to the king

Thomas Duke of Clarence brother to the king

Duke of Exeter uncle to the king

Earl of Cambridge

Lord Scroop

Sir Thomas Grey

Earl of Westmoreland

Corporal Bardolph

Corporal Nym

Auncient Pistol


Mistress Quickly

Gower Captain in King Henry's army

Fluellen Captain in King Henry's army

Macmorris Captain in King Henry's army

Jamy Captain in King Henry's army

Williams Soldier in King Henry's army

Bates Soldier in King Henry's army

Court Soldier in King Henry's army

Sir Thomas Erpingham

Derek Smith

Trevor Peacock

Alan Howard

Stephen Jenn

Anthony Naylor

Philip Brack

Barrie Rutter

Dan Meaden

Arthur Whybrow

Reginald Jessup

Tim Wylton

Philip Dunbar

Richard Moore

Peter Bourke

Maureen Pryor

Derek Smith

Trevor Peacock

Barrie Rutter

Ken Stott

Dan Meaden

Arthur Whybrow

Richard Derrington

Reginald Jessup


King Charles VI of France

Dauphin his son

Katharine his daughter

Duke of Orleans

The Constable of France

Montjoy Herald of the French

Monsieur le Fer

Alice a Lady-in-Waiting

Clement McCallin

Geoffrey Hutchings

Carolle Rousseau

Philip Dunbar

Bernard Brown

Oliver Ford-Davies

Tim Wylton

Yvonne Coulette


Gordon Bennett, Nigel Garvey, William Grant, Roger Hellyer, Peter Morris, Robert Pritchard
Ian Reynolds, Gareth Richards, David Statham, Michael Tubbs, Robin Weatherall

Directed by

Designed by

Music by

Lighting by

Assistant to the Director

Stage Manager

Deputy Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Terry Hands


Guy Woolfenden

Stewart Leviton

Ian Judge

David Noble

Mark ap Robert

Louise Horswill

The first act is approximately 80 minutes
The second act is approximately 90 minutes
There will be one interval of 20 minutes


Playing Shakespeare/Henry V