Reviews and Articles

22-Apr-65 Stage Ivy Compton-Burnett Defeats the Playwright. Review  
23-Jul-65 Stage Modern Dress 'Measure' at Nottingham. (M for M) Review  
5-Aug-65 Stage Judi Dench for Nottingham. Snippet  
22-Sep-65 Times Pretty but not Shakespeare. 'M for M' Nottingham. Review  
23-Sep-65 Guardian Measure for Measure. Review  
23-Sep-65 The Guardian Journal It's real cool, this Shakespeare at Playhouse. (M for M) Review  
23-Sep-65 Evening Post Measure for Measure. Review  
30-Sep-65 Stage Nottingham 'Private Lives'. Announcement of R.II. Snippet  
30-Sep-65 Stage Modern Dress 'Measure' at Nottingham. (M for M) Picture  
1-Jan-66 Theatre World Annual A Heritage and its History. Review  
1-Jan-66 Theatre World Annual A Heritage and its History. Article  
05-Oct-66 Times Neglected classic now almost total success. (Rev. Trag.) Review  
06-Oct-66 Coventry Evening Telegraph 17th C horror comic at Stratford. (Revenger's Tragedy). Review  
09-Oct-66 Observer Villains of a Vicious Circle. (Rev. Trag.) Review  
13-Oct-66 Stage Revenger's Tragedy Review  
1-Dec-66 Plays & Players How about a transfer? (Revenger's Tragedy). Article  
15-Jun-67 Observer Two routes to Arden. (A.Y.L.I.) Review  
16-Jun-67 Guardian As You Like It. Review  
16-Jun-67 Financial Times As You Like It. Review  
16-Jun-67 B'ham Post As You Like It. Review  
16-Jun-67 B'ham Post Cartoon of A.Y.L.I. Picture  
1-Sep-67 Shakespeare Quarterly Shakespeare in Britain: Lear/As You Like It. Review  
11-Apr-68 South Wales Argus King Lear on two scales. Review  
11-Apr-68 Daily Mail Eric Porter conquers the actor's Everest. (King Lear) Review  
11-Apr-68 Daily Express Courage pays off in Nunn's great Lear. Review  
11-Apr-68 Evening Standard King Lear. Review  
11-Apr-68 Evening News Eric Porter is a compelling King Lear. Review  
11-Apr-68 Nottingham Evening Post A Lear which never falters. Review  
11-Apr-68 B'ham Post King Lear Review  
11-Apr-68 Oxford Mail Eric Porter's Lear is just not grand enough. Review  
11-Apr-68 Guardian King Lear Review  
11-Apr-68 Wolverhampton Express & Star A Lear which is muted. Review  
13-Apr-68 Wolverhampton Express & Star Lear among the foothills. Review  
13-Apr-68 Glasgow Herald Splendid production of Lear. Review  
19-Apr-68 Leamington Courier King Lear. Review  
1-May-68   T&C - a new production of courage and perception. Review  
1-May-68   As modern as the Sixties. (T&C) Review  
22-May-68 Financial Times As You Like It. Review  
29-Jun-68 The Tablet The Stratford Season. (King Lear & As You Like It). Overview  
01-Jul-68 Morning Advertiser Young directors triumph a delight for all. (King Lear) Review  
1-Aug-68 ? Acting of Cressida Clear and Original. (T&C) Review  
1-Aug-68 ? Mars 'n Venus. (T&C) Review  
1-Aug-68 Stage Horrors of sex and war in Troilus and Cressida Review  
1-Aug-68 Financial Times Troilus and Cressida Review  
1-Aug-68 ? A death that makes it all well worth while. (T&C) Review  
1-Aug-68 ? Nothing but wars and lechery. (T&C) Review  
1-Aug-68 ? Troilus and Cressida Review  
1-Aug-68 ? A queer twist to Shakespeare. (T&C) Review  
1-Aug-68 Stage Troilus with a Freudian twist. Review  
09-Aug-68 Daily Telegraph Troilus and Cressida Review  
09-Aug-68 Daily Mail No glory, just a sour taste. (T&C) Review  
09-Aug-68 Guardian Troilus and Cressida Review  
09-Aug-68 B'ham Post Troilus and Cressida Review  
09-Aug-68 Evening Standard Meanwhile, back at the Trojan camp… (T&C) Review  
09-Aug-68 Cambridge News Troilus opens at Stratford. Review  
09-Aug-68 Times Sex and warfare at Stratford. (T&C) Review  
09-Aug-68 Nottingham Evening Post Stratford presents a grim Troilus. Review  
09-Aug-68 Guardian Troilus and Cressida Review  
10-Aug-68 Morning Star Production underlines Shakespeare truth. (T&C) Review  
10-Aug-68 South Wales Argus The games of war and love. (T&C) Review  
11-Aug-68 Sunday Telegraph So, Thersites was right! (T&C) Review  
11-Aug-68 Observer Stratford's House Style. (T&C) Review  
28-Aug-68 Queen Magazine The public and the private image. (T&C) Review  
02-Sep-68 Daily Telegraph Orgy scene is not justified'. Letter  
21-Sep-68 B'ham Post Troilus and Cressida Review  
1-Oct-68 Flourish (Aut.) RSC Magazine. Alan Howard Profile  
15-Oct-68 Coventry Evening Telegraph Much Ado played with fun and flair. (Much Ado About Nothing). Review  
15-Oct-68 Times Happy strokes of invention. (Much Ado). Review  
15-Oct-68 Daily Telegraph Much Ado has homely principals. Review  
15-Oct-68 Guardian Much Ado About Nothing. Review  
16-Oct-68 Financial Times Much Ado About Nothing. Review  
19-Oct-68 Times The Stratford Style. Overview  
20-Oct-68 Sunday Telegraph Much Ado About Nothing. Review  
24-Oct-68 The Listener Women's pain. (Much Ado) Review  
24-Oct-68 Stage Trevor Nunn 'Much Ado' at Stratford. Review  
25-Oct-68 Spectator Much Ado About Nothing. Review  
04-Nov-68 Financial Times King Lear Review  
09-Nov-68 Guardian Howard's Beginning. Interview  
05-May-69 B'ham Post Revenger's Tragedy Review  
20-Jun-69 Guardian Troilus and Cressida Review  
20-Jun-69 Times Rhythm and Passion. (T&C) Review  
20-Jun-69 Watford Evening Echo Superb in parts but oh, too long. (T&C) Review  
20-Jun-69 Daily Mail Zap goes the beefcake borough council. (T&C) Review  
21-Jun-69 B'ham Post Troilus and Cressida Review  
22-Jun-69 Observer Revelations from Homer. (T&C) Review  
23-Jun-69 Yorkshire Post Fleshy saga of the Trojan war. (T&C) Review  
23-Jun-69 Scotsman Persuasive Cressida is marred by a gimmick. (T&C) Review  
24-Jun-69 Manchester Evening News That queer old hero, Achilles. (T&C) Review  
30-Jun-69 Daily Telegraph A matter of principle. (T&C) Review  
30-Jun-69 B'ham Post & Mail If the face fits. Article  
05-Jul-69 Illustrated London News A degenerate world. (T&C) Review  
30-Jul-69 Evening Standard A charming Much Ado - now the clowning has stopped. Review  
30-Jul-69 Financial Times Much Ado About Nothing. Review  
30-Jul-69 Times Gorgeous Much Ado. Review  
30-Jul-69 Guardian Much Ado About Nothing. Review  
31-Jul-69 Yorkshire Post Inventive comedy revival. (Much Ado). Review  
1-Aug-69 Plays & Players Aldwych: First Nights. Troilus and Cressida Review  
15-Aug-69 Sidcup and Kentish Issue Destruction wrought by human conflict. (T&C) Review  
17-Aug-69 Sunday Times Heroes, heels and hypocrites. (Troilus and Cressida) Review  
1-Sep-69 Plays & Players Two Actors. Interview  
1-Sep-69 Plays & Players Much Ado About Nothing. Review  
1-Oct-69 Flourish. RSC Magazine. With the RSC in America (Much Ado tour. 1969) Article  
28-Nov-69 B'ham Post Revenger's Tragedy Review  
1-Jan-70 Queen Magazine Plays (T & C, Much Ado, Revengers Tragedy) Snippet  
19-Feb-70 Irish Times Theatregoround comes to Dublin. Article  
1-Apr-70 Honey Magazine Trevor Nunn & Revenger's Tragedy Interview  
28-Apr-70 Whitehaven News (Cumberland) Dr. Faustus. Review  
29-Apr-70 Sheffield Telegraph One of the 'bloody heroes' takes on Hamlet. Article  
29-May-70 Daily Telegraph Supplement A fellow of most excellent fancy! Interview Sally Beauman
05-Jun-70 Oxford Mail Hamlet worth waiting for. Review  
05-Jun-70 Nottingham Evening Post Original new Hamlet. Review  
05-Jun-70 Evening Standard Rave-up at the Danish Court. (Hamlet). Review  
05-Jun-70 Times Deadly Ecstasy. (Hamlet) Review  
05-Jun-70 Yorkshire Post Spartan Hamlet is dramatically alive. Review  
05-Jun-70 Daily Telegraph Pathetic Hamlet lacks contemplative irony. Review  
06-Jun-70 Daily Express Split-levels upset the balance. (Hamlet). Review  
06-Jun-70 Morning Star Hamlet character study. Review  
06-Jun-70 Financial Times Hamlet. Review  
06-Jun-70 Scotsman Stratford:Hamlet. Review  
07-Jun-70 Sunday Times Hamlet transformed. Review  
07-Jun-70 Observer Nunn's Hamlet: a report from the kitchen. Article  
07-Jun-70 Sunday Times Hamlet transformed. Review  
08-Jun-70 South Wales Argus Hamlet - a case for treatment Review  
11-Jun-70 Stage Stratford's nightmare Hamlet. Review  
22-Jun-70 Christian Science Monitor What happened when a critic watched Nunn rehearse Hamlet. Article  
25-Jun-70 Lady Hamlet. Review  
27-Jun-70 Evening Sentinel No bard image for this group. (Pleasure and Repentance) Review  
1-Jul-70 Plays & Players Hamlet Review  
1-Jul-70   Shakespeare versus Marlowe. T&C and Dr. Faustus. Review  
28-Aug-70 Nottingham Evening Post Stratford Dream gets a new look. Review  
28-Aug-70 Nottingham Guardian Journal Midsummer' made new in haunting production. Review  
28-Aug-70 B'ham Post A Midsummer Night's Dream. Review  
28-Aug-70 Daily Telegraph Brook breakthrough in 'Dream'. Review  
28-Aug-70 Guardian Midsummer Night Review  
28-Aug-70 Sheffield Morning Telegraph Shakespeare in the gym. (MSND) Review  
28-Aug-70 Daily Express A Dream to expand the mind. Review  
28-Aug-70 Yorkshire Post A 'Dream' unites two worlds. (MSND) Review  
28-Aug-70 Times To the heights on a trapeze. (MSND) Review  
28-Aug-70 Evening Standard Biggest little people you ever saw. (MSND) Review  
28-Aug-70 Daily Mail NUDES - and why the trendsetting Mr. Brook turned them down Article  
28-Aug-70 B'ham Post Toying with a Shakespeare rehearsal. (MSND) Article  
28-Aug-70 Daily Mail He's a clever rogue, this Brook. (MSND) Review  
28-Aug-70 Morning Star Dream' for our time. (MSND) Review  
28-Aug-70 Glasgow Herald Puck with a clown suit - trapeze. (MSND) Review  
29-Aug-70 Scotsman Brook puts on most dreamlike Dream. (MSND) Review  
29-Aug-70 Times Shakespeare's Play. (MSND) Review  
29-Aug-70 Times Dream scenes. (MSND) Review  
29-Aug-70 Evening News Shakespeare goes with a swing. (MSND) Review  
29-Aug-70 Evening Standard Athletic acting. (MSND) Review  
29-Aug-70 Times Life and Joy. (MSND) Article  
30-Aug-70 Observer Midsummer Night's Dream Review  
30-Aug-70 Observer Showman Extraordinary. (Peter Brook) Interview  
30-Aug-70 B'ham Sunday Mercury Sara Kestelman Interview  
30-Aug-70 B'ham Sunday Mercury Sending up the magic. (MSND) Review  
31-Aug-70 South Wales Argus A dream of our times. (MSND) Review  
12-Sep-70 London Illustrated News Peter Brook's creative Dream. (MSND) Review  
16-Sep-70 South Wales Argus Mesmeric Faustus. Review  
1-Oct-70 Flourish Plotting with Peter'. John Kane on rehearsals for MSND. Article  
16-Oct-70 B'ham Post The Tempest Review  
22-Oct-70 Stage Barton's Tempest. Review  
09-Jan-71 London Illustrated News The director of total involvement: Trevor Nunn. (Pic of A.H.) Article  
22-Jan-71 N.Y. Journal of Commerce Midsummer Night's Dream springs to life. Review  
01-Feb-71 Newsweek (N.Y.) A Dream of Love. (MSND) Review  
1-Feb-71 Plays & Players Alan Howard on Hamlet. Article  
06-Feb-71 Saturday Review. (N.Y.) A Dream for Mortals. (MSND) Review  
1-Mar-71 Flourish Stratford '70 Overview  
1-Mar-71 Flourish A.H. And Sara Kestelman. Cover. Picture  
01-May-71 Christian Science Monitor Brook's Dream wakes up Broadway. (MSND) Review  
14-Sep-71 Times The Man of Mode. Review  
30-Sep-71 Times A Midsummer Delight. (MSND) Review  
09-Mar-73 Sunday Telegraph Supplement The revels are in hand and touring. (MSND) Article Sally Beauman
05-Jun-73 The Asvertiser (Adelaide, Australia) The man with the hippo tooth Interview John Miles
1-Aug-73 Flourish A girdle round about the earth. (MSND on tour). Article  
30-Jan-74 Radio Times Work is a Four Letter Word Preview  
12-May-74 Sunday Times Royal fantasia. (The Bewitched) Review  
12-May-74 Sunday Times Royal Fantasia. (The Bewitched). Review  
3-Nov-74 Radio Times Notorious Woman. (A H played Prosper Merimee) Article  
10-Nov-74 Radio Times Notorious Woman. Listing  
7-Dec-74 TV Times Comets Among the Stars. Listing  
7-Dec-74 TV Times Comets Among the Stars. Article  
20-Jan-75 Radio Times Churchill's People. King Alfred. Listing  
1-Mar-75 TV Times The Way of the World Article  
10-Apr-75 Yorkshire Post Last-first mystery in Shakespeare. (Henry V) Review  
10-Apr-75 Birmingham Post Henry V Review  
11-Apr-75 Morning Star Nixon Foreshadowed. (Henry V) Review  
11-Apr-75 Warwick Advertiser Henry V opens centenary season Review  
11-Apr-75 Northampton Chronicle and Echo Not wild about Howard's Harry. (Henry V) Review  
11-Apr-75 Jewish Chronicle All's well that starts well. (Henry V) Review  
11-Apr-75 Stratford upon Avon Herald Henry V opens RST centenary season. Review  
11-Apr-75 Leamington Courier Play moved from strength to strength. (Henry V) Review  
13-Apr-75 Sunday Telegraph Uneasy Heads. (Henry V) Review  
13-Apr-75 Observer A good case for Kings. (Henry V) Review  
13-Apr-75 Sunday Times Henry V Review  
16-Apr-75 Punch Thank God for Harry. Review  
17-Apr-75 The Listener Henry V, Henry IV part I & Henry IV part 2 Review  
17-Apr-75 Abingdon Herald Pleasure and relief at Stratford. (Henry V) Review  
17-Apr-75 The Stage Henry the Fifth at Stratford upon Avon. Review  
18-Apr-75 New Statesman The Last of the Line. (Henry V) Review  
19-Apr-75 Spectator Kenneth Hurren half persuaded at Stratford. (Henry V) Review  
25-Apr-75 Guardian Henry IV part 1 Review  
25-Apr-75 Financial Times Henry IV part 1 Review  
25-Apr-75 Birmingham Post Henry IV part 1 Review  
25-Apr-75 Birmingham Evening Mail Henry IV part 1 Review  
25-Apr-75 Daily Express King Hal comes roaring back to life. (Henry IV part 1) Review  
25-Apr-75 Coventry Evening Telegraph Little Ha-Ha in Henry. (Henry IV part 1) Review  
25-Apr-75 Daily Telegraph Stratford is back to normal Shakespeare. (Henry IV part 1) Review  
25-Apr-75 Times Henry IV part 1 Review  
25-Apr-75 Wolverhampton Express & Star One of the finest Falstaffs for years. (Henry IV part 1) Review  
26-Apr-75 Yorkshire Post Salad days of heroic Prince Hal. (Henry IV part 1) Review  
27-Apr-75 Sunday Times Henry IV part 1 Review  
27-Apr-75 Sunday Mercury The real Falstaff…big as a house, cowardly as custard. Review  
28-Apr-75 Evening Standard Rich Prince Hal. (Henry IV part 1) Review  
1-May-75 Stage Stratford upon Avon 'Henry IV, part 1' Review  
1-May-75 Malvern Gazette Henry IV Part 1 not up to expectations. Review  
1-May-75 Abingdon Herald Falstaff and Hal amid clouds of smoke. Review  
2-May-75 Jewish Chronicle Henry IV part 1 Review  
2-May-75 Sussex Express Falstaff - still as great after 380 years. Review  
2-May-75 Redditch Indicator Performances glow despite an uninspiring Stratford H. IV. Review  
2-May-75 New Statesman Henry IV part 1 Review  
2-May-75 Stratford upon Avon Herald Henry IV, 1 Review  
1-Jun-75 Guardian All Hal let loose. Article  
29-Jun-75 Observer Crowning of Prince Hal. (Henry IV p.2) Review  
3-Jul-75 The Listener Growing old, not up. Henry IV part 1 & 2. Review  
15-Oct-76 Leaflet Comus Programme  
12-Dec-76 Sunday Times 100 years on. (Wild Oats). Article  
1-Mar-77 Drama Wild Oats' (Spring issue, + cartoon). Review  
01-May-77   Power of darkness' (Coriolanus) Review  
01-May-77   A production that does more for Shksp.than actors' (Coriolanus) Review  
1-Jul-77 Stratford upon Avon Herald There's a long, long trail a-winding……(Henry V, & VI) Review  
01-Jul-77 Plays & Players Wild Oats' Review  
11-Jul-77 Evening Standard Four in a row. Henry V & Henry VI parts 1,2,&3. Article  
12-Jul-77 Times Henry V Review  
12-Jul-77 Birmingham Post Harry is all action. (Henry V) Review  
12-Jul-77 Financial Times Henry V Review  
12-Jul-77 Guardian RSC revival is handsome and overpoweringly moving.(H.V) Review  
12-Jul-77 Coventry Evening Telegraph This King reigns supreme. (Henry V) Review  
13-Jul-77 Gloucester Citizen This Henry V is one of the greats. Review  
13-Jul-77 Hereford Evening News Bard's moving history lesson. (Henry VI part 1) Review  
13-Jul-77 Coventry Evening Telegraph New reign needs more authority. (Henry VI part 1) Review  
13-Jul-77 Wolverhampton Express & Star Drama of clatter and clutter. (Henry VI part 1) Review  
13-Jul-77 Times Stratford lays another ghost. (Henry VI part 1) Review  
13-Jul-77 Guardian Henry VI part 1. Review  
13-Jul-77 Oxford Mail Shakespeare's apprenticeship. (Henry VI part 1) Review  
13-Jul-77 Sandwell Mail History at a gallop. (Henry VI part 1) Review  
13-Jul-77 Daily Telegraph Howard fascinates as dazed Henry VI. Review  
13-Jul-77 B'ham Post Henry VI p.1 Review  
13-Jul-77 Evening Standard Henry - in three uneasy lessons. Review  
13-Jul-77 Times Henry VI p.1 Review  
14-Jul-77 Coventry Evening Telegraph Lofty politics. (Henry VI p.2) Review  
14-Jul-77 B'ham Post Henry VI p.2 Review  
14-Jul-77 Oxford Mail Subtle acting in title role. (Henry VI p.2). Review  
14-Jul-77 B'ham Evening Mail High drama for Wars of the Roses. (Henry VI p.2) Review  
14-Jul-77 Gloucester Citizen Another Evening of Great Theatre. (Henry VI p.1) Review  
14-Jul-77 Times Henry VI p.2 Review  
14-Jul-77   Stratford looks at England divided. (Henry VI p.2) Review  
14-Jul-77 Wolverhampton Express & Star Law & Order, past and present. (Henry VI p.2). Review  
14-Jul-77 Financial Times Henry VI p.2 Review  
15-Jul-77 Bromsgrove Messenger Once more into the breach at Stratford. (Henry V) Review  
15-Jul-77 London Evening News Once more unto the battlefield: (Henry V & Henry VI-1,2 & 3). Review  
15-Jul-77 Sandwell Mail Classic themes: Henry VI p.3 Review  
15-Jul-77 Times Henry VI p.3 Review  
17-Jul-77 Observer Magazine How King Arthur grew up and became King Henry. Interview  
26-Jul-77 South Wales Argus Henry V - with the human touch. Review  
30-Jul-77 Birmingham Post Man of many parts. (Terry Hands) Article  
30-Jul-77 Birmingham Post The chore of the greasepaint. (Tim Wylton) Article  
23-Sep-77 Guardian The Royal Line. Interview  
01-Oct-77 Coventry Evening Telegraph 'Unexplored enigma' (Coriolanus) Review  
1-Oct-77 Shakespeare Quarterly The rediscovery of Henry VI. (18 pages + pics). Article  
19-Oct-77 Times Hands full for Terry Hands Interview  
21-Oct-77 Guardian Coriolanus Review  
21-Oct-77 Times 'Strong, Stupendous Mr. Howard'. (Coriolanus) Review  
21-Oct-77 Financial Times Coriolanus Review  
21-Oct-77 Sandwell Mail 'Portrait of menace'. (Coriolanus) Review  
23-Oct-77 Sunday Times Coriolanus Review  
23-Oct-77 Observer Coriolanus Review  
23-Oct-77 Stratford Herald 'Favourite that fails to thrill'. (Coriolanus) Review  
24-Oct-77 London Evening Standard Coriolanus Review  
28-Oct-77 Stratford Herald Coriolanus': it raises a query or two. Review  
28-Oct-77 Bromsgrove Messenger 'Lack of grandeur in Coriolanus'. Review  
15-Nov-77 Punch Coriolanus (+cartoon) Review  
17-Nov-77 Country Life Proud and Patrician. (Coriolanus) Review  
08-Dec-77 Newcastle Evening Chronicle Coriolanus Review  
28-Jan-78 TV Times Will's marathon man. Article  
07-Apr-78 Eastern Daily Press Hero's Mother. (Coriolanus) Review  
09-Apr-78 Hampstead & Highgate Express Coriolanus Review  
11-Apr-78 Observer Howard's trumpet concerto' (Coriolanus) Review  
14-Apr-78 ? Trouble in Rome. (Coriolanus) Review  
05-Jun-78 Daily Telegraph Alan Howard skilful as Coriolanus. Review  
05-Jun-78 B'ham Evening Mail Coriolanus Review  
07-Jun-78 Glasgow Herald Superb study of arrogance. (Coriolanus) Review  
09-Jun-78 Chelsea Post Coriolanus Review  
09-Jun-78 Willesdon & Brent Chronicle Reputation defended with this Shksp. production. (Coriolanus) Review  
15-Jun-78 Morning Star Trumpet Blast. (Coriolanus) Review  
1-Oct-78 Shakespeare Quarterly Performance: Antony and Cleopatra. Review  
1-Oct-78 Shakespeare Quarterly Shakespeare in Britain: Henry VI & Coriolanus. Review  
11-Oct-78 Guardian At home on the Nile. (Ant & Cleo). Review  
11-Oct-78 Guardian A man of good company. (Profile of Peter Brook). Article  
28-Oct-78 Jewish Chronicle 'Bring on the massed bands'. (Coriolanus) Review  
31-Oct-78 Shakespeare Quarterly Coriolanus at Stratford: three actors remarks/9 pages. Article  
01-Dec-78 Plays & Players Antony and Cleopatra. Review  
01-Jan-79 Plays & Players That was the year that was. Overview  
21-Feb-79 Shields Gazette Wild Oats has audience going wild with laughter. Review  
01-Mar-79 Standard News RSC's 'Wild Oats'. Review  
06-Apr-79 International Herald Tribune Paris: A stimulating guest 'Coriolanus'. Review  
05-Jun-79 London Evening News It's no Roman holiday for Alan. (Coriolanus) Review  
1-Aug-79 RSC Yearbook Antony and Cleopatra/Henry V/Henry VI Review  
1-Aug-79 RSC Yearbook Antony and Cleopatra. (Cover). Picture  
1-Aug-79 RSC Yearbook 'Shakespeare wins Hands down' (Coriolanus) Review  
28-Oct-79 Warwick Advertiser 'Coriolanus' a play for all seasons. Review  
19-Dec-79 Sunday Times Pure gold, champagne, moonbeams and caviar! (Wild Oats). Review  
05-Jun-80 Times Coriolanus Review  
01-Jul-80 Plays & Players R.II & R.III Review  
28-Oct-80 New Statesman 'Coriolanus' Review  
1-Nov-80 ? RSC trio complete histories cycle with R.III. Review  
04-Nov-80 B'ham Post Richard II Review  
04-Nov-80 Times Richard II Review  
04-Nov-80 Guardian Richard II Review  
04-Nov-80 ? Sinead Cusack Interview  
04-Nov-80 London Evening Standard King of doubts. (R.II) Review  
04-Nov-80 Financial Times Richard II Review  
05-Nov-80 Sandwell Evening Mail Richard III: An evil twist of horror. Review  
05-Nov-80 Coventry Evening Telegraph Crookback gets rough justice. (R.III) Review  
05-Nov-80 Financial Times Richard III Review  
05-Nov-80 London Evening Standard Crowning Triumph. (R.III) Review  
05-Nov-80 Yorkshire Post Richard III Review  
05-Nov-80 B'ham Post Richard III Review  
05-Nov-80 Daily Telegraph Thud, blunder and ham'. (R.III) Review  
05-Nov-80 Guardian Richard III Review  
06-Nov-80 Morning Star Farrah joins Hands staging two Richards. (R.II & R.III) Review  
07-Nov-80 Jewish Chronicle All airs and arias at Stratford. (R.II & R.III) Review  
08-Nov-80 Gloucester Citizen Howard plays a superb Richard. Review  
09-Nov-80 Sunday Times Alan Howard, the Kingmaker. (RII & RIII) Review  
09-Nov-80 Sunday Telegraph Too Tricky Dickies. (R.II & R.III) Review  
13-Nov-80 Stage Richard II & Richard III at Stratford. Review  
14-Nov-80 Now Magazine Double-edged irony of the two Richards. (R.II & R.III) Review  
14-Nov-80 Leamington Spa Courier Richard III shows spit and polish. Review  
14-Nov-80 Times Literary Supplement Richard II & Richard III at Stratford. Review  
14-Nov-80 Durham Chronicle Howard returns. Article  
14-Nov-80 Leamington Spa Courier Richard II superb at Stratford. Review  
15-Nov-80 Spectator Richard II & Richard III Review  
20-Nov-80 The Lady Richard II & Richard III Review  
21-Nov-80 New Statesman Richard II & Richard III Review  
27-Nov-80 Country Life The death of Kings. (R.II & R.III) Review  
28-Nov-80 Bromsgrove Messenger Contrast of Kings at Stratford Review  
29-Nov-80 B'ham Post Usurping authority. (R.II & R.III) Review  
01-Jan-81 Sunday Times Magazine He that plays the King. Interview  
1-Jan-81 TV Times Alan Howard - Taking a chance on intrigue. (Cover). Article  
15-Jan-81 B'ham Post A procession of Kings. (R.II & R.III) Review  
20-Jan-81 TV Times Cover Listing  
20-Feb-81 Newcastle Evening Chronicle RSC season. Article  
04-Mar-81 Newcastle Evening Chronicle Lo, Lo, look, and do come hither. (R.II) Review  
13-Mar-81 Durham Chronicle The Hollow King. (R.II) Review  
18-Mar-81 Newcastle Evening Chronicle Howard shines in a real gem. (R.III) Review  
30-Apr-81 Guardian The Forest Review  
1-May-81 Daily Telegraph A rich satire from Russia. (The Forest) Review  
01-May-81 Vogue Points of View. A.H.'s Kings at Stratford. Review  
3-May-81 Sunday Telegraph Playing Russia. (The Forest) Review  
3-May-81 Sunday Times Down in the forest - a new Russian classic stirs. Review  
1-Sep-81 Guardian Good Review  
1-Sep-81 Shakespeare Quarterly Richard II (8 pages) Article  
1-Nov-81 Plays & Players Good' Review  
1-Nov-81 ? All the kings men. (History Cycle) Article  
07-Nov-81 Times Alan Howard Profile  
11-Nov-81 Financial Times Richard II Review  
11-Nov-81 Daily Mail Mesmerised by a king who loses his script. (R.II) Review  
12-Nov-81 Daily Express Powerful portrait of a king who lost a throne. (R.II) Review  
15-Nov-81 Sunday Times Shakespeare - the mask and the face. (RII) Review  
17-Nov-81 Yorkshire Post The subversive Shakespeare. (R.II) Review  
21-Nov-81 Spectator Richard II Review  
25-Nov-81 ? A King's fearful terror. Review  
25-Nov-81 Financial Times Richard III Review  
25-Nov-81 Daily Express Laughing with a villain. (R.III) Review  
26-Nov-81 Daily Telegraph Treachery and fear of Richard III Review  
26-Nov-81 New Standard Evils so exhausting. (R.III) Review  
26-Nov-81 Scotsman Richard III Review  
27-Nov-81 Times Educational Supplement Tragedy and suffering. (R.II) Review  
27-Nov-81 Glasgow Herald Richard III Review  
28-Nov-81 Times Richard III Review  
29-Nov-81 Sunday Telegraph Richard III Review  
01-Dec-81 Illustrated London News Theatre Listing: Richard II & Richard III Advert  
1-Dec-81 RSC Yearbook Richard II & Richard III Article  
1-Dec-81 Good Housekeeping Magazine Enter the King, Alan Howard. Interview  
24-Dec-81 Daily Telegraph Christmas rag time with the RSC. (Swan Down Gloves) Review  
24-Dec-81 Daily Mail All the world's a speedy spud. (Swan Down Gloves) Review  
24-Dec-81 Times The Bard burlesqued. (Swan Down Gloves) Review  
29-Dec-81 Guardian The Swan Down Gloves Review  
29-Dec-81 Guardian Risk Business: A look back over the year. Article  
12-Jan-82 Times Literary Supplement Dragon ex machina. (The Swan Down Gloves) Review  
1-Apr-82 Plays & Players The Forest' Review  
1-Jun-82 Drama Plays in Performance: The Forest/R.II/R.III. Review  
1-Jul-82 Drama The Forest'. (Summer issue). Review  
1-Nov-82 Drama Good'. (Autumn issue). Review  
21-Apr-84 Radio Times 'A real man - that's Howard's Coriolanus Preview  
1-Jan-85 Shakespeare Quarterly Shakespeare saved from drowning. (Playing Shksp) Article  
12-Jan-85 Radio Times Poppyland. Article  
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21-Apr-85 Radio Times The Holy Experiment. Listing  
20-Dec-86 TV Times Unnatural Causes. Evensong. Listing  
25-Apr-87 Radio Times Horizon. Life Story: The Double Helix. Listing  
25-Apr-87 Radio Times Frenetic Genetics. Article  
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31-Oct-87 Radio Times Pym's People. (A Perfect Spy) Article  
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14-May-88 Radio Times Horizon. The Hope of Progress. Narrator: Alan Howard. Listing  
31-Dec-88 Birmingham Daily News Out from undercover. (The Dog it was that died) Article  
1-Jan-89 TV Times The Dog it was that Died. Listing  
12-Feb-89 Observer Experts' Expert: Leading Men. (Actors choice) Article  
1-Aug-89 Film Magazine Return of the Musketeers. Review  
1-Oct-89 Films and Filming Food for thought. (Peter Greenaway) Interview  
1-Oct-89 Films and Filming CTWL Review  
1-Oct-89 Blitz Magazine Eating People. (CTWL) Article  
1-Oct-89 Film Review The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
1-Oct-89 The Face The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
1-Oct-89 Sunday Telegraph The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
1-Oct-89 Sight and Sound The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
1-Oct-89 ? Strange appetites on the big screen (CTWL) Article  
4-Oct-89 Time Out To catch a thief. (Michael Gambon) Interview  
8-Oct-89 The Sunday Correspondent The Anatomy of a Film Director. (P. Greenaway) Article  
12-Oct-89 Guardian Greedy guts. (CTWL) Review  
12-Oct-89 Guardian Cannibalism on the Corso. (Peter Greenaway) Interview  
12-Oct-89 Daily Telegraph CTWL Review  
12-Oct-89 Times Blood and lust among the garbage. (CTWL) Review  
12-Oct-89 Financial Times A masterpiece of movie invention. (CTWL) Review  
12-Oct-89 Independent Architectural bellies. (CTWL) Review  
12-Oct-89 Independent Inside eye. (CTWL) Article  
13-Oct-89 Independent Consuming passions. (Alan Howard on CTWL) Interview  
14-Oct-89 Observer Sadism a la carte. (CTWL) Review  
14-Oct-89 The Scotsman Poisoned with an evil beauty. (CTWL) Review  
15-Oct-89 Sunday Telegraph In times like these you cook your lover. (CTWL) Review  
15-Oct-89 The Sunday Correspondent Visceral views coded in colour. (CTWL) Review  
15-Oct-89 Sunday Times CTWL Review  
15-Oct-89 Sunday Express CTWL Review  
15-Oct-89 Mail on Sunday Strong fare on an odd chef's menu. (CTWL) Review  
18-Oct-89 Time Out CTWL Review  
19-Oct-89 The Listener Sauce for the Gander. (CTWL) Review  
20-Oct-89 New Statesman Body horror. (CTWL) Review  
27-Oct-89 Punch Greenaway film game. Game  
28-Oct-89 What's On London CTWL Review  
1-Nov-89 Q Magazine CTWL Review  
1-Nov-89 I.D. Magazine A gentleman and a Scholar. (Greenaway) Interview  
1-Nov-89 I.D. Magazine I.D's film of the month. (CTWL) Choice  
4-Nov-89 B'ham Post Delving into the unusual. (CTWL) Review  
25-Nov-89 What's On London CTWL Review  
26-Nov-89 Sunday Telegraph Faction Man. (F.F. Presents) Article  
27-Nov-89 Leicester Mercury Shy 'spy' set to come in from the cold. (Alan Howard) Interview  
02-Dec-89 TV Guide Frederick Forsyth Presents Article  
02-Dec-89 B'ham Post More than a Jackal trades. F.F. Presents Preview  
02-Dec-89 B'ham Evening Mail Thrills at a price. F.F. Presents. Preview  
21-Dec-89 City Limits Helen Mirren on Peter Greenaway. Interview  
1-Jan-90 Video Times The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Article  
1-Feb-90 Video Today The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
1-Feb-90 Ritz Review The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
1-Feb-90 Empire The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
1-Feb-90 Video Magazine The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
1-Feb-90 Video Magazine Peter Greenaway Speaks. Interview  
1-Feb-90 Video World Fine Young Cannibal. (Peter Greenaway) Interview  
22-Feb-90 Stage Digging up the Dirk. (Forsyte Saga) Article  
1-Mar-90 Video Monthly The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
1-Mar-90 Fantasy Zone The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
07-Mar-90 Time Out The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Advert  
08-Mar-90 Stage Production News. The Silver King. Article  
1-Apr-90 Plays International Chichester's new broom. (Michael Rudman) Interview  
1-Apr-90 Chichester Festival News Michael Rudman Interview  
1-Apr-90 Chichester Festival News A.H., Tony Britton & the family silver. Article  
1-Apr-90 Chichester Festival News Swedish scenes. Article  
02-Apr-90 Guardian Snippet on Alan Howard at Chichester. News  
08-Apr-90 Independent On Sunday Chichester Festival 1990 Advert  
15-Apr-90 Independent On Sunday Balancing act behind the footlights. (M. Rudman) Article  
15-Apr-90 Independent On Sunday Chichester - Minerva Theatre 1990. Advert  
29-Apr-90 Sunday Times Wild card reshuffles Chichester pack. (M. Rudman) Interview  
28-May-90 Sunday Telegraph Little Love'. BBC R4. Preview  
1-Jun-90 Leaflet Minerva Season 1990 Advert  
1-Jun-90 Leaflet Chichester Festival Theatre 1990 Advert  
02-Jun-90 Screen International On Location. Dakota Road. Cast List  
09-Jun-90 Screen International On Location. Dakota Road. Cast List  
16-Jun-90 Screen International On Location. Dakota Road. Cast List  
05-Jul-90 Chichester Observer The Silver King. Advert  
05-Jul-90 Chichester Observer A different role yet a similar character. (Alan Howard) Interview  
11-Jul-90 Times Step on the gaslight. (Peter Wood, dir. The Silver King) Interview  
12-Jul-90 Chichester Observer The Silver King. Advert  
16-Jul-90 Daily Telegraph A melodramatic return. (Alan Howard) Interview  
19-Jul-90 Chichester Observer Pure Melodrama. (S.K.) Review  
19-Jul-90 Daily Mail Shining comeback for a barnstormer. (S.K.) Review  
20-Jul-90 Financial Times The Silver King. Review  
20-Jul-90 Daily Telegraph Victorian comic strip brought to life. (S.K.) Review  
20-Jul-90 Times Eminent Victorian re-visited. (S.K.) Review  
20-Jul-90 Independent Private Wrongs. (S.K.) Review  
20-Jul-90 Guardian The waking nightmare. (S.K.) Review  
22-Jul-90 Mail on Sunday Tat's what they like in this ghastly throwback. (S.K.) Review  
22-Jul-90 Sunday Express Spiffing taste of glory for hidden hero. (S.K.) Review  
22-Jul-90 Observer Melodrama fit for a King. (S.K.) Review  
22-Jul-90 Independent On Sunday Heroes and histrionics. (S.K.) Review  
22-Jul-90 Sunday Telegraph Blood, thunder and corsets. (S.K.) Review  
25-Jul-90 Independent The Silver King. Choice  
26-Jul-90 Chichester Observer The Silver King. Advert  
26-Jul-90 Daily Express A murderous hangover with a silver lining. (S.K.) Review  
09-Aug-90 Stage Fit for a King. (S.K.) Review  
23-Aug-90 Chichester Observer A challenging role to please Jessica. (J. Turner - S.K.) Interview  
30-Aug-90 Chichester Observer An in-depth look at marriage troubles. (Rita Russek, SFAM) Article  
30-Aug-90 Chichester Observer Rude letter from J. Pick about Sue Snowden review of S.K. Letter  
1-Sep-90 Plays International The Silver King. Review  
04-Sep-90 Times Scenes from an island. (Rita Russek) Interview  
06-Sep-90 Guardian A marriage bed of nails. (SFAM) Review  
06-Sep-90 Times Scenes from a Marriage. Review  
06-Sep-90 Financial Times Scenes from a Marriage. Review  
06-Sep-90 Guardian A marriage bed of nails. (SFAM) Review  
06-Sep-90 Chichester Observer Detailed exposition of a relationships. (SFAM) Review  
13-Sep-90 Leaflet Scenes from a Marriage. Leaflet  
13-Sep-90 Guardian A master of the soul. (Bergman) Article  
13-Sep-90 Chichester Observer Plenty to ring a few bells. (SFAM) Article  
16-Sep-90 Observer Rhinos trip the light fantastic. (SFAM) Review  
16-Sep-90 Sunday Times Hoofing it through a nightmare. (SFAM) Review  
19-Sep-90 Daily Telegraph The Forsytes return to the airwaves. Article  
23-Sep-90 Sunday Telegraph Play it again Soames (Forsyte Saga) Article  
23-Sep-90 Sunday Correspondent Saga to sound out a new kind of listener. Article  
23-Sep-90 Sunday Times Poor reward for a rich talent. Dirk Bogarde. Profile  
23-Sep-90 Sunday Times Chronicle of a Saga foretold. Article  
28-Sep-90 Daily Mail The Forsyte Chronicles Advert  
28-Sep-90 Guardian Extra-sensual perception. Preview  
29-Sep-90 Radio Times Alan Howard on Soames Forsyte Comment  
29-Sep-90 Radio Times Forsytes Revisited Article  
29-Sep-90 B'ham Post Epic task for Bogarde Preview  
29-Sep-90 Daily Telegraph Insights into the Forsytes Preview  
30-Sep-90 Mail on Sunday Forsyte Night Fever Review  
1-Oct-90 Plays & Players The Silver King Review  
1-Oct-90 Triangle Pamphlet Best of the 80s (The Cook, the thief, his wife and her lover) Review  
07-Oct-90 Sunday Telegraph Subtle start to the Tightwad Chronicles Review  
10-Oct-90 Broadcast Magazine Foreign Exchanges (F.F.Presents) Article  
11-Oct-90 Chichester Observer Theatre has artistic triumphs Article  
11-Oct-90 The Listener Rock and Roles (Forsyte Saga) Review  
1-Nov-90 Wyndham's Theatre Scenes from a Marriage Advert  
03-Nov-90 Radio Times Alan Howard's TV Choice Comment  
04-Nov-90 Sunday Times Scenes from a Marriage Advert  
17-Nov-90 Daily Telegraph Fear of Frocks (Penny Downie - My Mufti) Interview  
22-Nov-90 City Limits Uptown Downie Interview  
22-Nov-90 Guardian Scenes from Ingmar. Critics Choice. Snippet  
25-Nov-90 Observer On the day he slams the front door wear red for danger.(A.H) Interview  
26-Nov-90 Guardian Bergman parallels converge. Article  
28-Nov-90 Independent A Marriage Laid Bare. A.H.on a favourite passage from Scenes Comment  
28-Nov-90 What's On London The man who would be King ……..again. Interview  
29-Nov-90 Evening Standard For better or for worse. (SFAM) Review  
30-Nov-90 Daily Mail Bergan's black belt in marital arts Review  
30-Nov-90 Times Grinding wheels of wedlock. (SFAM) Review  
30-Nov-90 Independent Chains of Love. (SFAM) Review  
30-Nov-90 Daily Telegraph A hefty dose of marital misery. (SFAM) Review  
30-Nov-90 Financial Times Scenes from a Marriage Review  
01-Dec-90 Plays & Players Sight and Sound. Forsyte Saga. Review  
02-Dec-90 Independent on Sunday Making the earth move. (SFAM) Review  
02-Dec-90 Mail on Sunday Crying all the way to a bad marriage bed. (SFAM) Review  
02-Dec-90 Sunday Express Cat and Spouse. (SFAM) Review  
02-Dec-90 Sunday Telegraph No one sees the other woman. (SFAM) Review  
03-Dec-90 Guardian Marital Art. (SFAM) Review  
05-Dec-90 What's On London Love Hurts. (SFAM) Review  
05-Dec-90 Time Out Scenes from a Marriage Review  
06-Dec-90 City Limits Scenes from a Marriage Review  
06-Dec-90 Guardian Georgia on his mind. Critics Choice. (SFAM) Snippet  
06-Dec-90 Stage Two hands make this marriage work. Review  
08-Dec-90 Spectator Scandinavian uplift. (SFAM) Review  
12-Dec-90 Punch Better dead than wed. (SFAM) Review  
13-Dec-90 The Listener Nuclear deterrents. (SFAM) Review  
13-Dec-90 Guardian Scenes from a Marriage (Critics Choice) Snippet  
20-Dec-90 Guardian Scenes from a Marriage (Critics Choice) Snippet  
28-Dec-90 Guardian Radio Overview. (Forsyte Saga) Overview  
30-Jan-91 Newcastle Twoing and froing. (SFAM) Review  
30-Jan-91 Newcastle Reflections in a cage. (SFAM) Review  
30-Jan-91 Newcastle A very demanding piece of work. (SFAM) Alan Howard Interview  
01-Feb-91 Plays International Six actors of 1990 Article  
01-Feb-91 Plays International Rudman gets it right. Chichester Festival. Article  
10-Mar-91 Observer Four cites Soames's magic. (Forsyte Saga) Article  
11-Mar-91 Variety Dakota Road Review  
17-Mar-91 Sunday Times Well versed in old wars. (Kings R3) Preview  
17-Mar-91 Sunday Independent Waking from the Dream. RSC Article  
26-Mar-91 Daily Telegraph Homer's epic with the Logue touch. (Kings R3) Review  
26-Mar-91 Times Campaign tales and chitchatting. (Kings R3) Review  
3-Apr-91 Time Out Fish Hooked. (Jute City) Snippet  
4-Apr-91 Guardian A zoom lens on distant Ilium. (Poetry review) Review  
1-May-91 Plays and Players Subtext. (Picture of A.H. & Penny Downie from 'Scenes') Snippet  
1-May-91 Plays and Players TV & Radio. Photograph of A.H & C. Logue, 'Kings'. Snippet  
11-May-91 Guardian What's on at the Pictures? (Peter Greenaway) Interview  
15-May-91 Guardian Victim of the balance sheet. (M.Rudman & Chichester) Article  
26-Jun-91 Time Out It's a Wrap: Fashion and Film. (CTWL) Article  
04-Aug-91 Independent on Sunday 'Kings' Preview  
15-Aug-91 Times Compact imagination of actor and poet. (Kings) Article  
18-Aug-91 The Scotsman Working like Trojans. (Kings at the Festival) Interview  
20-Aug-91 The Scotsman Kings/Dream Tent/Edinburgh Festival. Review  
25-Aug-91 Observer Kitchen Edna. (Cream of Edinburgh Fringe Festival/Kings Review  
29-Aug-91 Financial Times Kings/Dream Tent/Edinburgh Festival. Review  
31-Aug-91 Daily Telegraph Radio's half-buried treasury. (Kings) Snippet  
31-Aug-91 Daily Telegraph Scamper with a corn-blonde. F.F. book. Review  
1-Sep-91 Triangle Cinema Leaflet The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover. Review  
5-Sep-91 Stage Kings/Dream Tent/Edinburgh Festival. Review  
25-Oct-91 Metro News Jute City. Preview  
26-Oct-91 What's On TV' Jute City. Article  
26-Oct-91 Radio Times Jute City. Listing  
26-Oct-91 All newspapers Jute City. Choice  
26-Oct-91 Times Music to television's ears. (Score for Jute City) Article  
27-Oct-91 Time Out Scotch wrath: (Jute City) Review  
27-Oct-91 Sunday Telegraph Pick of the Day. Jute City. Choice  
27-Oct-91 Observer Pick of the Day. Jute City. Choice  
27-Oct-91 Sunday Independent Pick of the Day. Jute City. Choice  
27-Oct-91 Sunday Times Pick of the Day. Jute City. Choice  
27-Oct-91 Mail on Sunday Pick of the Day. Jute City. Choice  
28-Oct-91 Independent Jute City. Review  
28-Oct-91 Guardian Tay hell and back. (Jute City). Review  
28-Oct-91 Daily Telegraph Low life in the Highlands. (Jute City). Review  
28-Oct-91 Times Too many red herrings and redheads. (Jute City) Review  
28-Oct-91 Daily Express Thrilling Highland fling takes the cake. (Jute City) Review  
1-Nov-91 Screen International UK films bask in French glow. (Dakota Road). Snippet  
2-Nov-91 Daily Telegraph Today's Choice. Jute City. Choice  
2-Nov-91 The Scotsman Designer hard-men. (Jute City) Review  
2-Nov-91 Times Jute City. Choice  
3-Nov-91 Sunday Times Chillers, killers and Euro-thrillers. (Jute City) Review  
3-Nov-91 Sunday Independent Jute City. Choice  
6-Nov-91 London Film Festival Leaflet Dakota Road Preview  
7-Nov-91 Stage Celtic drama that is tough to follow. (Jute City). Review  
10-Nov-91 Daily Telegraph Jute City. Choice  
10-Nov-91 Sunday Independent Jute City. Choice  
10-Nov-91 Sunday Times Jute City. Review  
17-Nov-91 Sunday Times Happy ending that was blown away. (Jute City) Review  
26-Jan-92 Radio Choices/all papers Christopher Columbus. R3. Choice  
28-Jan-92 Daily Telegraph Classic play for yesterday. (Christopher Columbus) Review  
28-Jan-92 Independent Falling off the edge of the world.(C. Columbus). Review  
1-Feb-92 Radio Choices/all papers Kings. R3. Choice  
1-Feb-92 Plays International Theatre Preview. Pygmalion. Preview  
2-Feb-92 Sunday Independent Sail of the quincentenary. (C. Columbus) Review  
8-Feb-92 Times War Music. R3 Choice  
8-Feb-92 Independent War Music. R3 Choice  
8-Feb-92 Daily Telegraph Vivid and brilliant Homer. (War Music R3) Choice  
25-Mar-92 Stage An accent on the narrative. (Nigel Williams - Witchcraft) Interview  
27-Mar-92 London Evening Standard Eliza - the naked truth. Frances Barber. Interview  
28-Mar-92 Daily Telegraph A hit of a myth. Pygmalion. Article  
1-Apr-92 Times Making sure Eliza is a good girl. (Pygmalion) Article  
4-Apr-92 Times Mother taught me to be proud. Frances Barber. Interview  
5-Apr-92 Sunday Independent Show People. Interview  
8-Apr-92 Time Out Lingua franker. Frances Barber. Interview  
10-Apr-92 London Evening Standard More style than substance. (Pygmalion) Review  
10-Apr-92 Daily Mail Fresh and bubbling after 80 years….. (Pygmalion) Review  
10-Apr-92 Daily Express My Bare Lady takes off. (Pygmalion) Review  
11-Apr-92 Financial Times By George, she's got it….. (Pygmalion) Review  
11-Apr-92 Guardian The wrong thing to say. (Pygmalion) Review  
11-Apr-92 Independent Accent on emotion. (Pygmalion) Review  
12-Apr-92 Mail on Sunday Shaw touch of Cockney class. (Pygmalion) Review  
12-Apr-92 Observer Just you wait for me blooming exotic verbals. (Pygmalion) Review  
12-Apr-92 Sunday Express Doolittle land full of delight. (Pygmalion) Review  
12-Apr-92 Sunday Telegraph In the beginning was the word. (Pygmalion) Review  
12-Apr-92 Sunday Independent Pygmalion Review  
12-Apr-92 Sunday Times A pair of spectacles. (Pygmalion) Review  
13-Apr-92 Daily Telegraph Pronounced triumph. (Pygmalion) Review  
13-Apr-92 Times Staging proves too spectacular to be Shaw. (Pygmalion) Review  
15-Apr-92 Time Out Pygmalion Review  
15-Apr-92 What's On London Shawly shome mistake. (Pygmalion) Review  
15-Apr-92 International Herald Tribune A Glorious 'Pygmalion'. Review  
16-Apr-92 City Limits Pygmalion Review  
18-Apr-92 Spectator Trapped on the ascent. (Pygmalion) Review  
23-Apr-92 Stage Pygmalion Review  
28-Apr-92 Lady Pygmalion Review  
1-May-92 Plays International Pygmalion Review  
14-May-92 Stage Choreographing a moving performance. Jane Gibson. Interview  
17-May-92 Sunday Independent A good part for Alan Howard. Re-enter, stage right. Interview  
1-Jun-92 Plays and Players Pygmalion Review  
01-Jun-92 TV Times A.H. & Imogen Stubbs (Headcase) Picture  
02-Jun-92 Screen International U.K. TV Anna Lee Cast List  
21-Jun-92 Independent On Sunday Five best plays No.3 Pygmalion. Choice  
09-Jul-92 The Stage Creative team & stars of Anna Lee Photo  
11-Jul-92 Financial Times Spoken word. Forsyte Saga Review  
11-Jul-92 Telegraph Critics Choice Theatre Pygmalion  
15-Jul-92 Time Out Dakota Road Preview  
24-Jul-92 Screen International UK productions - Anna Lee Photo  
30-Aug-92 Observer Edinburgh Theatre. The Secret Life Review  
30-Aug-92 Independent On Sunday My favourite 'Hamlet' Article  
02-Sep-92 Independent So how was it for them Article  
01-Oct-92   Witchcraft and Dakota Road (Reviews) Review  
12-Dec-92 Radio Times 'Witchcraft' Preview  
24-Dec-92 Guardian Radio 3 'Columbus' Preview  
30-Mar-93 Times Howard's way back to Will. Interview  
02-Apr-93 Daily Express 'Transfixed by this burning reappraisal' (Macbeth) Review  
02-Apr-93 London Evening Standard This Macbeth shld beware the power play pangs of sex. Review  
03-Apr-93 Guardian 'Triumph for Alan Howard' (Macbeth) Review  
03-Apr-93 Financial Times A Macbeth with no scruples. Review  
04-Apr-93 Indep. On Sunday 'Great Thane' (Macbeth) Review  
04-Apr-93 Mail on Sunday 'Macbeth' Review  
04-Apr-93 Time Out Macbeth Review  
04-Apr-93 Sunday Times Evil-Minded Genius (Macbeth) Review  
05-Apr-93 Daily Telegraph 'Macbeth' is murdered at the N.T. Review  
07-Apr-93 What's On London Pick of the new shows. (Macbeth) Review  
09-Apr-93 Times Educational Supplement 'Scorched passion' (Macbeth) Review  
10-Apr-93 Spectator Macbeth Review  
10-Apr-93 Times 'Singing in the Reign' (Macbeth) Review  
15-Apr-93 Stage Headlong into exciting hell! (Macbeth) Review  
16-Apr-93 Independent The Hollow Man. (Macbeth) Review  
20-Apr-93 The Lady Macbeth Review  
22-Apr-93 Country Life An intelligent production of Macbeth. Review  
09-Jun-93 What's On London Macbeth' - Front cover, and. 'Thane Glorious' Article  
1-Dec-93 Plays International Macbeth Review  
2-Apr-94 Vogue A diligent dilettante. Jean Cocteau. Article  
04-Apr-94 Sunday Telegraph 'Macbeth' Review  
07-Apr-94 What's On London 'Fiery Thane' Review  
13-Apr-94 Independent Eight Degrees of Separation. Interview  
18-Apr-94 Shakespeare Bulletin Winter '94: 'Macbeth'. Review  
20-Apr-94 Times Mother and father of headaches. (Les Parents) Article  
20-Apr-94 What's On London Curtain Call. Les Parents Terribles. Article  
26-Apr-94 London Evening Standard Lighting up the muse: Sally Beauman. Interview  
27-Apr-94 Independent One night my dead mother rang me.' Sally Beauman Interview  
1-May-94 Sunday Express Out to Lunch. Alan Howard. Interview  
6-May-94 London Evening Standard Passion and jealousy bloom in the family hothouse. Review  
6-May-94 Today Les Parents Terribles. Review  
7-May-94 Times Smothered by mother. (Les Parents Terribles) Review  
7-May-94 Guardian It's a family affair. (Les Parents Terribles) Review  
7-May-94 Independent In the family way. (Les Parents Terribles) Review  
7-May-94 Financial Times A bedroom farce turns tragic. (Les Parents Terribles.) Review  
8-May-94 Sunday Independent Les Parents Terribles. Review  
8-May-94 Mail on Sunday Les Parents Terribles. Review  
8-May-94 Sunday Telegraph To bed with Daddy's girl. (Les Parents Terribles). Review  
8-May-94 Observer Suffocating games that families can play. (Les Parents) Review  
8-May-94 Sunday Express This Cocteau cocktail is a perfect mix. (Les Parents) Review  
9-May-94 Daily Telegraph Melodrama and farce in a family hot-house. (Les Parents) Review  
11-May-94 International Herald Tribune Designer Scenes:Les Parents done in by high camp. Review  
11-May-94 What's On London Les Parents Terribles. Review  
11-May-94 Time Out Les Parents Terribles. Review  
13-May-94 Jewish Chronicle Les Parents Terribles. Review  
14-May-94 Times Critics Choice: Les Parents Terribles. Snippet  
14-May-94 Daily Express Les Parents Terribles. Review  
15-May-94 Sunday Times Les Parents Terribles. Review  
20-May-94 Daily Mail One devilish trick and a dragon lady. (Les Parents) Review  
22-May-94 Sunday Times Writing around the issue. (Les Parents) Article  
31-May-94 The Lady Les Parents Terribles. Review  
1-Jun-94 What's On London The Cocteau Party. Article  
1-Jun-94 Plays International Les Parents Terribles. Review  
1-Jun-94 Tatler Cruel Control: The Secret Rapture Review  
01-Jun-94 What's On London Les Parents Terribles Article  
2-Jun-94 Stage Now Cocteau is here to stay. (Les Parents Terribles) Review  
04-Sep-94 Guardian Radio Choice. Waiting for Godot. Choice  
11-Sep-94 Mail on Sunday Godot? Good-oh! (R3) Review  
03-Nov-94 Today Swine are winners as decency is edited out. The Editing P. Review  
04-Nov-94 Times Deadlines, dead lines. The Editing Process. Review  
04-Nov-94 Daily Telegraph Desperate muddle at the office. The Editing Process. Review  
04-Nov-94 Independent Publish and be damned. The Editing Process. Review  
04-Nov-94 Daily Mail The Editing Process Review  
04-Nov-94 Financial Times The Editing Process Review  
05-Nov-94 Guardian The Editing Process Review  
06-Nov-94 Sunday Times The Editing Process Review  
06-Nov-94 Sunday Express Caught on the magazine rack of life. The Editing Process. Review  
06-Nov-94 Mail on Sunday Press complaints. The Editing Process. Review  
06-Nov-94 Sunday Independent The Editing Process Review  
06-Nov-94 Observer The Editing Process Review  
06-Nov-94 Sunday Telegraph The Editing Process Review  
09-Nov-94 Time Out The Editing Process Review  
09-Nov-94 What's On London The Editing Process Review  
11-Nov-94 Jewish Chronicle The Editing Process Review  
12-Nov-94 Guardian Letter from Meredith Oakes. Letter  
13-Nov-94 Sunday Times The Editing Process Review  
24-Nov-94 Stage The Editing Process Review  
05-Dec-94 Daily Mail Why is there such a fuss when a woman writes about sex. S.B. Interview  
18-Dec-94 Observer Arts review of 1994. Article  
21-Dec-94 Daily Express Fame and $1m fortune were Sally's Destiny. (Money section). Article  
30-Dec-94 Daily Telegraph Review of 1994 in the theatre. Article  
01-Jan-95 Plays and Players The Editing Process Review  
22-Jan-95 Sunday Telegraph Pick of the day, Poetry Please. T.S. Eliot. Reader A.H. Choice  
17-Feb-95 Screen International Soup. Cast list. List  
18-Feb-95 Daily Mail Trevor Eve interview. Soup. Snippet  
09-Mar-95 Stage Nominations for Olivier Awards. List  
26-Mar-95 All Newspapers War of Words. War Poetry - various readers incl. A.H. Choice  
29-Apr-95 Daily Mail From Plato to the Present. R4. Choice  
30-Apr-95 Sunday Independent From Plato to the Present. R4. Choice  
01-May-95 Guardian From Plato to the Present. R4. Choice  
09-May-95 Guardian From Plato to the Present. R4. Review  
5-Jul-95 What's On London Sideshows: Celebriteas - Afternoon tea with ….. Snippet  
12-Jul-95 Independent See De Filippo and die. (La Grande Magia) Article  
12-Jul-95 Independent A bumbly sort of bloke, but what a talent. (Alan Howard) Interview  
14-Jul-95 Today La Grande Magia. Review  
14-Jul-95 Daily Express La Grande Magia. Review  
14-Jul-95 London Evening Standard La Grande Magia. Review  
15-Jul-95 Guardian This tough magic. (La Grande Magia) Review  
15-Jul-95 Times Dirty tricks on every side. (La G.M.) Review  
15-Jul-95 Independent La Grande Magia. Review  
15-Jul-95 Financial Times Keeping faith with De Filippo. (La G.M.) Review  
16-Jul-95 Sunday Express La Grande Magia. Review  
16-Jul-95 Sunday Telegraph La Grande Magia. Review  
16-Jul-95 Sunday Independent La Grande Magia. Review  
16-Jul-95 Observer A magical mystery tour. (La G.M.) Review  
17-Jul-95 Daily Telegraph Magical mix of emotions. (La G.M.) Review  
19-Jul-95 Time Out La Grande Magia. Review  
19-Jul-95 International Herald Tribune La Grande Magia. Review  
19-Jul-95 What's On London La Grande Magia. Review  
20-Jul-95 Stage La Grande Magia. Review  
21-Jul-95 Daily Mail La Grande Magia. Review  
21-Jul-95 Jewish Chronicle La Grande Magia. Review  
22-Jul-95 Spectator Pure magic. (La G.M.) Review  
23-Jul-95 Mail on Sunday La Grande Magia. Review  
23-Jul-95 Sunday Times Grand Illusions. (La G.M.) Review  
2-Aug-95 Lady La Grande Magia. Review  
5-Aug-95 Daily Telegraph Critics Choice. La Grande Magia. Choice  
6-Aug-95 Sunday Telegraph Budget adventures of God the civil servant. (Soup) Snippet  
16-Aug-95 What's On London Meet A.H. at afternoon tea! Celebriteas. Snippet  
1-Sep-95 Plays International La Grande Magia. Review  
1-Sep-95 Plays and Players La Grande Magia. Review  
20-Sep-95 What's On London La Grande Magia. Article  
13-Nov-95 All papers Radio Choice: The Monday Play R4 A Doll's House. Choice  
23-Nov-95 Stage A Doll's House. R4 Review  
2-Dec-95 Independent Tom Stoppard Interview  
3-Dec-95 Sunday Telegraph Re-enter Stoppard. (R & G are dead) Article  
15-Dec-95 London Evening Standard Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
15-Dec-95 Daily Mail Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
16-Dec-95 Guardian Two to a T (R & G) Review  
16-Dec-95 Independent Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
16-Dec-95 Daily Telegraph R & G live. Review  
16-Dec-95 Times Danish Ham. (R & G) Review  
17-Dec-95 Observer Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
17-Dec-95 Internet Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
17-Dec-95 Sunday Telegraph Life might have a meaning. (R & G) Review  
17-Dec-95 Independent Good lords, shame about the rest. (R & G) Review  
18-Dec-95 Financial Times Questions of life and death. (R & G) Review  
20-Dec-95 Time Out Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
20-Dec-95 What's On London Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
22-Dec-95 Jewish Chronicle Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
23-Dec-95 Daily Telegraph Wits in Hamlet's wings. (R & G) Article  
24-Dec-95 Sunday Express Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
24-Dec-95 Sunday Times The meaning of life. (R & G) Review  
29-Dec-95 Stage Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
30-Dec-95 Spectator Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
23-Jan-96 Lady Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
1-Feb-96 Plays and Players Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
1-Feb-96 Plays International Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
4-Mar-96 Belfast newspaper. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
17-Mar-96 Irish Tribune Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
17-Mar-96 Irish Sunday Independent Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
1-Apr-96 Theatre Diary Theatre Royal Bath. Colour publicity leaflet. R&G Leaflet  
2-Apr-96 Publicity letter Theatre Royal Newcastle. Letter about R&G to patrons. Letter  
19-Apr-96 Wiltshire Times. Theatre Preview. R & G are Dead. Preview  
19-Apr-96 Bristol Evening Chronicle The change from major to minor. + What's On. R&G. Preview  
23-Apr-96 Bristol Evening Post Famous comedy show comes to town. R&G Preview  
23-Apr-96 Bristol Evening Post Double Delight. R&G Review  
23-Apr-96 Bath Chronicle Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
1-May-96 Newcastle Journal Howard's way is an electric acting style. A.H. Interview  
1-May-96 Newcastle Journal Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
1-May-96 Evening Chronicle Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
1-May-96 Evening Mail Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
2-May-96 Northern Echo Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
2-May-96 Northern Echo Confused? You will be. R&G Review  
3-May-96 Derbyshire Times Actor Simon's dead funny. (R&G) Article  
3-May-96 Yorkshire Post King of all he surveys. A.H. Interview  
5-May-96 Radio Times No Bananas List  
7-May-96 Sheffield Star Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
8-May-96 Yorkshire Post Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
9-May-96 Doncaster Free Press Hamlet turned on its head at the Lyceum Review  
9-May-96 Gazette Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
10-May-96 Sheffield Star What's On. R&G photograph. Picture  
10-May-96 Rotherham Advertiser Bit players' predicament given Royal resurrection. R&G Review  
10-May-96 Sheffield Telegraph Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Review  
19-May-96 Sunday Independent R3 A Doll's House. Choice  
30-May-96 Independent Arts News. The Oedipus Plays. Article  
1-Jun-96 Times Base Notes. Sir Peter Hall returns to the RNT. Snippet  
1-Jun-96 Plays International R&G to Sofia, Bulgarian N.T. Snippet  
20-Jun-96 Stage Oedipus to debut in London following Greek pull out. Article  
23-Jun-96 Observer Black Brando' denied role on London stage. (Oedipus) Article  
1-Jul-96 Plays International Preview and Openings. Snippet  
1-Aug-96 Plays International Preview and openings. Snippet  
14-Aug-96 Independent Behind the ironic mask. Oedipus in rehearsal. Article  
31-Aug-96 Daily Telegraph Playing to the stars. Oedipus in Greece by Peter Hall Article  
1-Sep-96 Plays International South Bank Sophocles. Peter Hall Interview  
2-Sep-96 London Evening Standard The Oedipus Plays: Epidaurus. Review  
2-Sep-96 Daily Telegraph The fizz behind the mask. The Oedipus Plays in Greece. Review  
2-Sep-96 Times Oedipus goes home. Review  
4-Sep-96 Time Out Flame at last. Oedipus in Greece. Snippet  
4-Sep-96 Independent Oedipus as his mum would have wanted it. Review  
4-Sep-96 Guardian Greek chorus of approval. Oedipus in Greece. Review  
4-Sep-96 What's On London Curtain Call: Ranjit Bolt. Article  
6-Sep-96 Spectator Triumph out of Tragedy. Oedipus in Greece. Review  
7-Sep-96 Financial Times Modern Oedipus in Ancient Greece. Review  
8-Sep-96 Sunday Express One in the eye for Hall ? (Oedipus Plays) Article  
8-Sep-96 Mail on Sunday Complex Oedipus. Review  
8-Sep-96 Sunday Express One in the eye for Hall? Oedipus in Greece. Review  
8-Sep-96 Sunday Independent Tragic - but for the right reasons. Oedipus in Greece. Review  
8-Sep-96 Observer The Oedipus Plays. (Greece) Review  
8-Sep-96 Sunday Times Oedipus: homage in a homecoming. (Greece) Review  
11-Sep-96 Time Out Greece Lightning: Oedipus. Preview  
13-Sep-96 Daily Mail Next week's new shows: Oedipus. + Cartoon. Snippet  
15-Sep-96 Sunday Times Angry old man of British Theatre. (Peter Hall) Interview  
19-Sep-96 Stage Drunk and Literarily: Chit Chat on critics in Greece. Snippet  
19-Sep-96 Stage British Regional Theatre Awards Nominations. List  
19-Sep-96 Times Blinded in moral amazement. (Oedipus Plays RNT) Review  
19-Sep-96 Guardian Ritualistic style unlocks emotion. (Oedipus Plays) Review  
19-Sep-96 Daily Telegraph The power and the glory of ancient Greece. (Oedipus) Review  
20-Sep-96 Daily Mail Oedipus Plays. Review  
20-Sep-96 The Herald Oedipus Plays. Review  
20-Sep-96 Daily Express Pulp theatre's 2000 years. (Oedipus Plays) Review  
21-Sep-96 Punch Oedipus Plays. Review  
21-Sep-96 Financial Times Sophocles - in style. (Oedipus Plays) Review  
21-Sep-96 Independent Week in Review. (Oedipus Plays) Review  
22-Sep-96 Sunday Independent Oedipus Plays. Review  
22-Sep-96 Sunday Times Oedipus Plays. Review  
22-Sep-96 Sunday Telegraph Puppet on a string. (Oedipus Plays) Review  
25-Sep-96 What's On London Oedipus Plays. Review  
25-Sep-96 Time Out Oedipus Plays. Review  
26-Sep-96 Stage Oedipus Plays. Review  
27-Sep-96 Times Literary Supplement Faster, louder, stranger. (Oedipus Plays) Review  
28-Sep-96 Internet London Theatre Guide. The Oedipus Plays. Review  
28-Sep-96 Internet (What's On Stage) The Oedipus Plays Review  
8-Oct-96 Lady Oedipus Plays. Review  
9-Oct-96 Guardian Ian Brown on Peter Brook's Dream. Article  
1-Nov-96 Plays International Oedipus Plays. Review  
20-Nov-96 Guardian Dramatic Moments: Greg Doran on Brook's A & C. Snippet  
23-Nov-96 Daily Telegraph A painter's moving pictures: Greenaway on video. Review  
28-Nov-96 Times Old Vic, new direction. (Peter Hall) Article  
29-Nov-96 Independent Theatre's master showman revives Old Vic glory days. Article  
27-Dec-96 Sunday Times A taste of 1997 Preview  
29-Dec-96 Observer And then there was Nunn. Nunn's takeover at the RNT Article  
1-Jan-97 Guardian Stardom's soft embrace. 1997 preview. Preview  
1-Jan-97 Independent A calendar of the Arts in 1997. Preview  
1-Jan-97 Plays International Preview and openings. Article  
3-Jan-97 Times Perilous state of theatre funding. Letter from Sir P Hall. Letter  
30-Jan-97 B'ham Post Celebration of actresses work. (Brenda Bruce) Article  
6-Mar-97 Stage Pleasure and Repentance: In memory of Brenda Bruce. Snippet  
10-Mar-97 Daily Telegraph Peter Hall at the Old Vic. Interview  
13-Mar-97 Stage Ronald Howard Obituary  
21-Mar-97 Daily Mail Watch out for: Alan Howard & C. Logue in Kings. Snippet  
24-Mar-97 All papers Radio Choice: The Monday Play R4 Oedipus the King. Choice  
24-Mar-97 Independent Radio Choice. Oedipus the King. R4. Choice  
25-Mar-97 Daily Telegraph A human tale that passes through time like a knife.(R4) Review  
30-Mar-97 Observer Radio review. Oedipus the King. R4. Review  
3-Apr-97 Guardian Homer. The odessy to bring him to the stage. (Kings) Article  
4-Apr-97 London Evening Standard Shaken and oddly stirred. (Kings). Review  
5-Apr-97 Times If you like your spirits high. Sextet by S.B. Review  
6-Apr-97 Sunday Telegraph Kings. Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn. Review  
8-Apr-97 Times Of loutish Greeks. (Kings) Review  
8-Apr-97 Independent Modern Classics. (Kings) Review  
9-Apr-97 What's On London Kings. Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn. Review  
9-Apr-97 Time Out Kings. Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn. Review  
9-Apr-97 Guardian Kings. Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn. Review  
10-Apr-97 Financial Times Homage to Homer. (Kings) Review  
11-Apr-97 Daily Mail Classic tale tols Howard's way. (Kings) Review  
11-Apr-97 Daily Express Kings. Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn. Review  
12-Apr-97 Times The Directory: Choice. Kings. Choice  
17-Apr-97 Stage Kings. Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn. Review  
21-Apr-97 Times All of London's a stage in summer. Preview  
1-Jun-97 Plays International Preview and Openings. Preview  
25-Jun-97 Independent Forty Years On And Still Waiting For Godot. (A.H & B.K) Interview  
27-Jun-97 Guardian Summer Theatre, the Highlights. (King Lear) Snippet  
28-Jun-97 Daily Mail A Godot worth waiting for from four of Britain's finest. Review  
30-Jun-97 Guardian Still waiting, still angry. (Godot) Review  
30-Jun-97 Independent Waiting for Godot Review  
30-Jun-97 Daily Telegraph Waiting for the final curtain. (Godot) Review  
30-Jun-97 Times Benefit of hindsight. (Godot) Review  
30-Jun-97 London Evening Standard It's still the great dramatic nightmare. (Godot) Choice  
01-Jul-97 Daily Express Waiting for meaning. (Godot) Review  
01-Jul-97 Financial Times Beckett triumphant. (Godot) Review  
02-Jul-97 Guardian Hot Tickets. Waiting for Godot. Choice  
02-Jul-97 Time Out Waiting for Godot. Review  
02-Jul-97 What's On London Waiting for Godot. Review  
03-Jul-97 Stage Still waiting to feel the effect. (Godot) Review  
04-Jul-97 Jewish Chronicle Worth the wait. (Godot) Review  
05-Jul-97 Spectator Lessons from Beckett. (Godot) Review  
05-Jul-97 Daily Mail Waiting for Godot. Review  
05-Jul-97 Daily Telegraph Critics Choice Theatre. Waiting for Godot. Choice  
05-Jul-97 Independent Week in Review. Waiting for Godot. Choice  
06-Jul-97 Observer Waiting for Godot. Review  
06-Jul-97 Sunday Telegraph Nearly converted to stinking breath and boots. (Godot) Review  
06-Jul-97 Sunday Telegraph Culture Vulture. Openings. Waiting for Godot. Overview  
06-Jul-97 Sunday Independent Waiting for Godot. Review  
06-Jul-97 Sunday Independent Theatre Recommendations. Waiting for Godot. Choice  
06-Jul-97 Sunday Independent Bouquets and brickbats. Overview  
06-Jul-97 Sunday Times The meaning of meaning. (Godot) Review  
06-Jul-97 Mail on Sunday Well worth the wait. (Godot) Review  
09-Jul-97 Time Out Theatre Recommendations. Waiting for Godot. Choice  
11-Jul-97 Times Literary Supplement Afterthoughts on an old muckball. (Godot) Review  
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12-Jul-97 Daily Telegraph Theatre Recommendations. Waiting for Godot. Choice  
22-Jul-97 Lady Waiting for Godot Review  
27-Jul-97 All Newspapers The cook, the thief, his wife and her lover. Channel 4. Choice  
17-Aug-97 Sunday Times For sale signs go up at the Old Vic. Article  
17-Aug-97 Sunday Independent Mirvishes put the Old Vic up for sale. Article  
17-Aug-97 Observer Old Vic curtain falls on Hall. Article  
17-Aug-97 Mail on Sunday £7.5 m sell-off puts Old Vic future in spotlight. Article  
18-Aug-97 Guardian Old Vic's future in doubt as Canadian tycoon pulls out. Article  
18-Aug-97 Daily Telegraph Hall's dream ends in dust. Article  
18-Aug-97 Times Hall questions motives behind sale of Old Vic. Article  
20-Aug-97 Times Shades of the Old Vic. Article  
21-Aug-97 Daily Telegraph Star Attraction (Godot) Snippet  
30-Aug-97 Independent Some very bad luck has to come my way'. (V. Hamilton) Interview  
1-Sep-97 Museums and Galleries Magazine Theatre Overview  
1-Sep-97 Plays International Waiting for Godot. Review  
3-Sep-97 Time Out Your plays or mine? Forthcoming London Openings. Preview  
3-Sep-97 Daily Telegraph He that plays the king……. (Alan Howard) Interview  
3-Sep-97 Independent Ripeness is all. (Peter Hall) Interview  
25-Sep-97 London Evening Standard King Lear Review  
26-Sep-97 Financial Times Plain, finely spoken Lear. Review  
26-Sep-97 Independent Lear. Oh dear. Review  
26-Sep-97 Daily Express King Lear Review  
26-Sep-97 Daily Telegraph Glorious addition to the year of Lear. Review  
26-Sep-97 Times Cold in the shadow. (King Lear) Review  
26-Sep-97 Guardian Fast-moving production is the best of Lears. Review  
26-Sep-97 Daily Mail Noble Lear takes us to the abyss. Review  
28-Sep-97 Sunday Telegraph Mad monarch is a slow-burner. (King Lear) Review  
28-Sep-97 Sunday Times King Lear Review  
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1-Oct-97 International Herald Tribune A Classic 'Lear': Hall's Finale? Review  
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1-Oct-97 Internet The Bewitched Article  
2-Oct-97 Stage King Lear Review  
3-Oct-97 Jewish Chronicle Bard act to follow. (King Lear) Review  
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5-Oct-97 Mail on Sunday Lear without tears. (King Lear) Review  
5-Oct-97 Sunday Independent Howard plays the King, but Hall lacks authority. Review  
8-Oct-97 Internet King Lear Review  
21-Oct-97 Lady King Lear Review  
1-Nov-97 Plays International King Lear Review  
15-Nov-97 Daily Telegraph The British Genius for Destruction. By Sir Peter Hall. Article  
16-Nov-97 Sunday Times Is this the final curtain? Article  
27-Nov-97 London Evening Standard Stage is set for top theatre event of the year/1997 Awards Article  
1-Dec-97 Plays and Players King Lear Review  
6-Dec-97 Independent Exeunt omnes. Farewell to the Old Vic. Article  
8-Dec-97 Daily Telegraph Sir Peter bows out at the Old Vic…………. Article  
18-Dec-97 Stage Watkin eyes Old Vic Article  
31-Dec-97 Independent New Year's Honours Article  
31-Dec-97 Guardian New Year's Honours + list. List  
31-Dec-97 Times New Year's Honours + list. List  
31-Dec-97 Times Spotlight on stars from Wombles to Eternity. Article  
31-Dec-97 Daily Mail I don't believe it, says Mrs Meldrew OBE. Article  
3-Jan-98 Stage Elton and Gambon Knighted. Article  
3-Jan-98 The Spectator Cruel Cuts Article  
11-Feb-98 Independent Unthinkable in the USSR. Unstageable today? (Flight) Article  
13-Feb-98 London Evening Standard Turbulence on the flight to disintegration. (Flight) Review  
14-Feb-98 Guardian Catch 22, comrade. (Flight) Review  
14-Feb-98 Times Fresh air keeps red and white flag flying. (Flight) Review  
14-Feb-98 Internet (Curtain Up) Flight, a play in eight dreams. Review  
15-Feb-98 Observer The green, green lampshade of home.' (Flight) Review  
15-Feb-98 Sunday Telegraph Flight - in dire need of lift-off. Review  
15-Feb-98 Sunday Independent When in doubt, try epic irony. (Flight) Review  
15-Feb-98 Internet (What's On Stage) Flight Review  
16-Feb-98 Independent Enjoyable insights into Stalin's nightmares. (Flight) Review  
16-Feb-98 Daily Telegraph Black humour in the White flight south. (Flight) Review  
17-Feb-98 Financial Times Dreams of escape. (Flight) Review  
18-Feb-98 Time Out 'Flight' Review  
18-Feb-98 What's On London Flight. Review  
19-Feb-98 Stage Russian away from the fray. (Flight) Review  
20-Feb-98 Daily Mail 'Flight' Review  
20-Feb-98 Spectator Pageant of retreat. (Flight) Review  
20-Feb-98 Jewish Chronicle Flight Review  
20-Feb-98 Times Literary Supplement Casualties of the cockroach race. (Flight) Review  
21-Feb-98 Times The big play. Flight. Choice  
21-Feb-98 Daily Telegraph Critics Choice. Flight. Choice  
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22-Feb-98 Mail on Sunday Dream ride. (Flight) Review  
22-Feb-98 Sunday Telegraph Culture Vulture. Flight. Overview  
22-Feb-98 Sunday Express Hot Tickets. Flight. Choice  
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01-Mar-98 Plays International Flight Review  
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25-Mar-98 Time Out Offers. £10 off top price tickets. Flight. Offer  
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29-Apr-98 Time Out Pamphlet. Flight. Advert  
04-May-98 Times Still waiting. Godot transfer to N.Y. news. Snippet  
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16-May-98 Times Curtain Call. Flight. Choice  
13-Jun-98 Times Metro Guide to theatre festivals. The Almeida at Malvern. Article  
05-Jul-98 Malvern Theatres Letter about festival - The Play about the Baby. Letter  
05-Jul-98 Malvern Theatres Brochure about Malvern Festival. Booklet  
08-Jul-98 What's On London Sideshows. Almeida. Snippet  
09-Jul-98 Stage Almeida Festival. Snippet  
12-Jul-98 Observer Festival interview. Almeida in Malvern. (J. Kent & I McDiarmid) Interview  
18-Jul-98 Independent Arts Diary. Almeida Festival. Snippet  
18-Jul-98 B'ham Evening Mail The stars shine out in Malvern. Article  
21-Jul-98 Birmingham Post Almeida plays away in a festival atmosphere. Article  
23-Jul-98 Stage Almeida chief pays tribute to his Starr team. Article  
24-Jul-98 Malvern Gazette Theatres' coup creates waves around World. Article  
01-Aug-98 Birmingham Post Pick of the Week. Malvern Festival plays. Choice  
14-Aug-98 Malvern Gazette What is the point? The Play About The Baby. Article  
17-Aug-98 Birmingham Post From ritual to humiliation. (The Play About The Baby.) Review  
19-Aug-98 Independent Who's afraid of upstaging the rest? Rehearsal pics. Article  
19-Aug-98 London Evening Standard The Play About The Baby. Preview  
21-Aug-98 Malvern Gazette The Play About The Baby. Review  
21-Aug-98 Malvern Gazette Thumbs up for Festival. Article  
27-Aug-98 Independent Recommended Theatre. The Play About The Baby. Choice  
02-Sep-98 London Evening Standard Mysterious and daring vision of a nightmare fantasy. (Baby) Review  
03-Sep-98 Independent Still playing children's games. (Baby) Review  
03-Sep-98 Daily Telegraph An infantile game of cat and mouse. (Baby) Review  
03-Sep-98 Financial Times Too much, too little, too late. (Baby) Review  
03-Sep-98 Guardian Chip off the old block. (Baby) Review  
03-Sep-98 Times So who wants children? (Baby) + cartoon. Review  
03-Sep-98 Herald The Play About The Baby. Review  
04-Sep-98 Jewish Chronicle Bringing up baby. (Baby) Review  
04-Sep-98 Daily Mail Baby brings out a force de La Tour. (Baby) Review  
05-Sep-98 Daily Express The Play About The Baby. Review  
05-Sep-98 Independent Independent Recommends - The Play About the Baby Choice  
05-Sep-98 Daily Express The Play About The Baby. Review  
06-Sep-98 Sunday Telegraph Culture Vulture. Play About The Baby. Overview  
06-Sep-98 Observer Crying Woolf again. (Baby) Review  
06-Sep-98 Sunday Independent Albee's back; and bleak and oblique as ever. (Baby) Review  
06-Sep-98 Sunday Telegraph Up to his old tricks. (Baby) Review  
09-Sep-98 Time Out The Play About The Baby. Review  
09-Sep-98 What's On London The Play About The Baby. Review  
10-Sep-98 Stage Innocence lost on a mazy path. (Baby) Review  
10-Sep-98 Country Life The Play About The Baby. Review  
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01-Oct-98 Plays and Players The Play About The Baby. Review  
01-Oct-98 Plays International The Play About The Baby. Review  
01-Nov-98 London Evening Standard Backstage at the Evening Standard Awards. Article  
30-Dec-98 Independent Review of the theatre year. Overview  
17-Mar-00 Sheffield Star Director Philip happy to be back on the theatre beat. (P.Franks) Interview  
10-Apr-00 Sheffield Telegraph Howard's way with words. (A.H.) Interview Ian Souter
11-Apr-00 Yorkshire Post Swathed in emotion. (Maggie Steed) Interview  
13-Apr-00 Doncaster Advertiser Sumptuous costume drama at the Lyceum. Preview  
14-Apr-00 Sheffield Star Funny Face Eve will give Heiress her best shot. (Eve Best) Interview  
14-Apr-00 Rotherham Advertiser The man who wants to start an argument. (Philip Franks) Interview  
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28-Apr-00 Rotherham Advertiser Exquisite consummation of writing and acting. Review Terry Ellis
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10-May-00 Eastern Evening News Take the plunge for love or money with The Heiress Review Scott Farley
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11-May-00 Richmond & Twick. Chronicle Best of a top bunch. (Eve Best) Interview Becky Gaunt
12-May-00 Richmond & Twickenham Times Tragedy of blighted lives. (A.H.) Interview Helen Taylor
19-May-00 Richmond & Twickenham Times Jamesian moral and manners. Review Helen Taylor
19-May-00 Richmond Comet Changing direction. (Philip Franks) Interview Gareth Foreman
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24-Jun-00 The Tablet The Heiress Review Robert T.
24-Jun-00 The Spectator The Heiress Review Sheridan Morley
25-Jun-00 Sunday Times The Heiress Review Jon Peter
25-Jun-00 Sunday Telegraph Critics Choice, The Heiress. Choice John Gross
25-Jun-00 The News Of The World The Heiress Review Bill Hagerty
26-Jun-00 Jewish Chronicle The Heiress Review David Nathan
26-Jun-00 TNT The Heiress Review Louise Kingsley
28-Jun-00 International Herald Tribune The Heiress Review Sheridan Morley
29-Jun-00 Morning Star In it for the money. Review Laurence Green
04-Jul-00 The Lady The Heiress Review Sheridan Morley
10-Jul-00 The Western Mail A modern tale of dysfunction. Review Darren Waters
10-Jul-00 South Wales Argus Ben gets success on a tray. (Ben Porter) Interview  
19-Jul-00 The Sentinel The Heiress Review Martin Alcock
26-Jul-00 The Bucks Herald Our Choice. The Heiress. Choice  
01-Aug-00 Bath Chronicle Money Matters Review Christine Bowes
01-Aug-00   Show me the money. Picture  
01-Aug-00 Bristol Evening Post Classic tale is a treat. Review Alan King
01-Aug-00 Western Daily Press Classic tale of cruelty. Review Helen Reid
02-Aug-00 Bath Chronicle This week's theatre. Choice  
  BBC Radio Norfolk The Heiress Review  
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  Theatre Royal Bath Web page. CV of stars, The Heiress. Advert  
19-Jan-01 Daily Mail Lulu's Back In Town Article  
24-Jan-01 London Evening Standard Friel acts out fantasy figure Article  

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