Production Information


The Nottingham Playhouse Company.

Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

The Nottingham Playhouse.

Directed by John Neville
Assisted by Michael Rudman
Designed by Patrick Robertson
Costumes by Rosemary Vercoe
Music and additional lyrics by Iwan Williams

This production opened at Nottingham Playhouse on 22 September, 1965.

The names of all the actors

Vincentio, the Duke

Angelo, the Deputy

Escalus, a councillor

Claudio, a young gentleman

Lucio, a fantastic

Two other like gentlemen

Christopher Hancock

Alan Howard

Ronald Magill

John Shrapnel

Edward Woodward

Anthony Langdon
David H. Leland


Peter, a friar

Elbow, a simple constable

Froth, a foolish gentleman

Pompey, a pimp, servant to Mistress Overdone

Abhorson, an executioner

Barnardine, a dissolute prisoner

Secretary of Angelo


Patrick Tull

Laurence Carter

John Tordoff

Alfred Bell

Harold Innocent

Laurence Harrington

Giles Block

Alan Dossor

Neil Bennett

Isabella, sister to Claudio

Mariana, betrothed to Angelo

Julietta, beloved of Claudio

Francisca, a nun

Mistress Overdone, a bawd

Kate Keepdown

Judi Dench

Maggie Jordan

Marian Forster

Mary Healey

Ursula Smith

Mary Healey

Guests, Waiters, Convicts, Guards, Citizens

Ann Teeton

Eden Hutton

Frederick Share

Christine Welch

Mark Kaniewski

Donald Sumpter

Neil Bennett

Colin Richardson

Uriel A. Paul Worika

Iwan Williams

Mike Sillitoe





The action takes place in Vienna

The time is the present

Act I

Scene 1
A room in the Duke's palace

Scene 2
A night-club, later that night

Scene 3
A street near the night-club

Scene 4
The garden of a monastery, early the next morning

Scene 5
The garden of a convent, later the same morning

Scene 6
Angelo's office in the Duke's palace, the next day

Scene 7
The same

Scene 8
A corridor in the prison, the same morning

Scene 9
Angelos's office in the Duke's palace, the next morning

Scene 10
The main block of the prison, that evening

Scene 11
The same

Interval of 15 minutes

Act II

Scene 1
The Moated Grange, a night-club, late the same night

Scene 2
The prison, later that night

Scene 3
The same

Scene 4
Angelo's office in the Duke's palace, three days later

Scene 5
The market place, the next day

Scene 6
At the gates of the city, later the same day

Programme Note

The last professional production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure in Nottingham was during the Shakespeare Birthday Festival presented in the spring of 1921, at the Nottingham Repertory Theatre, then in its second season at the former Grand Theatre in Hyson Green. This Victorian theatre had been greatly transformed by Mrs. Edward Compton to provide a permanent home for the forty years old Compton Comedy Co., and Nottingham's first bold experiment in repertory.

Measure for Measure was presented as the third week of a Festival season which had already seen productions of Romeo and Juliet and The Merry Wives of Windsor: and it was followed by Much Ado About Nothing and Othello. Each of the five productions ran for a week, and then played in repertoire during the sixth and final week.

The eminent Dublin Abbey Theatre actor-producer, W.G. Fay, was producing for the company at this time, in association with Viola Compton and H. Worrall-Thompson. The part of Angelo was played by Bellendon Clark, Isabella by Ellen Compton, and there was a Neville in the programme - Gerard Neville, playing Lucio, a Fantastic. These, and all others appearing, were members of the resident company.

It is not without significance that this 1921 production - the only professional one in the city during the present century - has looked across a span of forty-five years, from one repertory theatre to another, awaiting revival.



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