The Merchant of Venice

Role: Salarino

An Excellent Shylock

A high standard has been set by the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, and this was maintained last night when the company gave a splendid performance of The Merchant of Venice.

This is only the second Shakespearian play to be performed there since the theatre was opened two years ago.

A special word of praise for the permanent members of the company, Peter Palmer, Patrick O'Connell, Charles Kay and Alan Howard.

For the last fortnight they have been brawling their way through One More River and in two weeks time take part in the new play about Coventry, Never Had it so Good. Last night they were all splendid.

Shylock was excellently portrayed by Robert Marsden, and a welcome return to the company was made by John Ringham, as Bassanio.

Mary Morris was charming as Portia, and Cherry Morris as her maid, Nerissa, was as delightful as ever. Rosemary Leach gained everyone's sympathy as Shylock's daughter, Jessica.

Birmingham Mail, 17th February, 1960.

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