Production Information

Stratford programme

The Royal Shakespeare Company.

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford upon Avon.

Opening date: 14.10.68.

The Aldwych Theatre, London.

Opening date: 17.7.69.


Don Pedro Prince of Arragon

Don John his bastard brother

Claudio a young Lord of Florence, favourite of Don Pedro

Benedick a young man of Padua

Leonato Governor of Messina

Antonio his brother

Balthasar attendant to Don Pedro



A Boy

Dogberry a Constable

Verges a Headborough

Friar Francis

A Sexton

First Watch

Second Watch

Hero daughter to Leonato

Beatrice niece to Leonato

Margaret gentlewoman attending on Hero

Ursula gentlewoman attending on Hero

Norman Rodway

Terrence Hardiman

Bernard Lloyd

Alan Howard

Sebastian Shaw

George Cormack

John Shrapnel

Patrick Stewart

Ben Kingsley

Rufus Frampton

David Waller

Clifford Rose

Julian Curry

Richard Simpson

Bruce Myers

Peter Gordon

Helen Mirren

Janet Suzman

Susan Fleetwood

Rowena Cooper

Ladies Soldiers Servants Watch

Trevor Adams

Caroline Burt

Peter Cochran

David Firth

Glynne Lewis

Lyn Moore

Gareth Thomas

Paul Stratford

Eric Allen

Hugh Keays Byrne

Ralph Cotterill

Stephen Greif

Stuart McGugan

Robert Oates

Peter Tilbury

Maggie Wright

Richard Jones Barry

Madeleine Cannon

Ian Dyson

Richard Knott

Philip Manikum

Douglas Stender

Stephen Turner


Gordon Bennet

Roger Hellyer

Michael Tubbs

Adrian Bett

Robert Pritchard

Edward Watson

William Grant

Gareth Richards

Robin Weatherall

Directed by

Trevor Nunn

Designed by

Christopher Morley

Music by

Guy Woolfenden

Lighting by

John Bradley

Dances and Military Masque

Christie Dickason

Assistants to the Designer

Stephanie Howard
& Sue Allen

Wig Adviser

Kenneth Lintott

Act One is about 1 hour 30 minutes, Act Two is about 1 hour 15 minutes

There is one interval of fifteen minutes

The performance lasts approximately three hours


Playing Shakespeare/Much Ado About Nothing