The Hollow Crown

Sinden and Howard return in Hollow Crown

RSC stalwarts Donald Sinden and Alan Howard will star is a production of the enduring Hollow Crown in the new Stratford season as a replacement for the cancelled Hecuba. Alan Howard and Donald Sinden return to the Royal Shakespeare Company in March to perform in The Hollow Crown, a replacement for Hecuba which was cancelled because star Vanessa Redgrave is recovering from an operation.

The Hollow Crown was devised in 1961 by John Barton for the Royal Shakespeare Company as a celebratory entertainment by and about the kings and queens of England.

Both Alan Howard and Sir Donald Sinden are CBEs and Honorary Associate Artists of the RSC, and between both of them have played almost every main role in the Shakespeare cannon.

Alan Howard in action for the BBC

From the events of 1066 to Queen Victoria's solemn description of her own coronation, The Hollow Crown gives a human face to the English monarchy.

A 15-year-old Jane Austen's 'partial, prejudiced and ignorant historian's' entertaining account of the monarchy from Henry IV to Charles I, embodies the essence of this sardonic, affectionate and comic look into the changing role of the kings and queens throughout the ages.

The Hollow Crown has proved to be one of the most successful and enduring productions the RSC has staged over the years. Over 70 actors have performed it at different time and both Howard and Sinden are veterans of the production.

The Hollow Crown runs from Thursday 3 to Saturday 19 March at the Main House. For ticket details, see the website or call the box office on 0870 609 1110.