Notorious Woman

Rosemary Harris

George Sand (Aurore Dupin)

Alan Howard

Prosper Merimée

Leon Vitali


Jeremy Irons

Franz Liszt

Peter Woodthorpe

Honoré de Balzac

Michael Gough


Shane Briant

Alfred de Musset

Sinéad Cusack

Marie Dorval

Jonathan Newth

Hippolyte Chatiron

Lewis Fiander

Casimir Dudevant

John Hug


George Chakiris

Frédéric Chopin

Joyce Redman

Sophie Dupin

Robert Lang

De Bourges

Graham Faulkner


Georgina Hale

Solange Dudevant

Cathleen Nesbitt

Madame Dupin de Francueil

Directed by Waris Hussein
Written by Harry W. Junkin
Producer, Peter Rogers

Broadcast November 1974, BBC 1.
(Radio Times article: November 1974.

The title character in this British historical mini series was 19th century French novelist Aurore Dupin (1804-1876), who wrote under the nom de plume of George Sand. Audaciously adopting male clothing and scandalizing her contemporaries by talking and behaving in a mannish fashion, George Sand also conducted several high-profile romances with members of the opposite sex. Much of the series' running time was given over to the heroine's torrid nine-year affair with Polish composer Frederick Chopin. Although American actors Rosemary Harris (who won an Emmy Award for her performance) and George Chakiris starred as Sand and Chopin, the rest of the cast was largely comprised of Britons, including Alan Howard as novelist Prosper Merimee and Jeremy Irons as composer Franz Liszt. First telecast by the BBC in 1974, the four-part Notorious Woman was seen in America via the PBS anthology Masterpiece Theatre beginning November 16, 1975.

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Notorious Woman