The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Priory School

Role: the Duke of Holdernesse.

Broadcast 13th August 1986.

Episode Running Times: 52 mins 10 sec

Production Companies: Granada / WGBH Boston

Developed For Television By: John Hawkesworth
Executive Producer: Michael Cox
Producer: June Wyndham-Davies
Producer [USA]: Rebecca Eaton

Script: T.R. Bowen
Director: John Madden
Music: Patrick Gowers
Designer: Margaret Coombes

Researcher: Nicky Cooney

Jeremy Brett and Alan Howard


Jeremy Brett: Sherlock Holmes
Edward Hardwicke: Dr Watson
Christopher Benjamin: Dr Huxtable
Michal Bertenshaw: Mr Aveling
Nicholas Gecks: James Wilder
Alan Howard: Duke of Holdernesse
William Abney: Rivers
Jack Carr: Reuben Hayes
Brender Elder: Mrs Hayes
Rosalie Williams: Mrs Hudson
Nissar Moti: Arthur
Mark Turin: Caunter

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