You Must Remember This

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You Must Remember This: Classic Songs from World War Two and the Stories Behind Them Maurice Sellar Read by Alan Howard

Remembering songs from the radio, from dance bands and music halls, from the popular films of the period, and from the ENSA tours that took British entertainers to the troops, this audiobook recaptures the spirit of the World War II years through the music and songs. It includes information about the legendary entertainers of the era, along with 23 full-length original recordings of the songs they made famous. These songs, moving and inspiring in equal measure, allow a glimpse into a world at war and the heroic effort of the British people that eventually brought victory and peace. Songs include: We'll Meet Again, The White Cliffs of Dover, In The Mood and Lili Marlene.

Audiobook (CD): £13.70

Published 05/11/2009

Alan Howard narrated 'You Must Remember This', Classic Songs from World War II and the Stories Behind Them, at his home on the Isle of Barra in the Hebrides, a production for Hachette Digital directed by Garrick Hagon with recording by Wolfgang Dienst.

Alan Howard