Images of Richard II

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Richard II and Bolingbroke Richard II, 1980: RST

Richard II Richard II, 1980: Alan Howard as Richard II. RST

Richard II prepares to banish Bolingbroke and Mowbray Richard II, 1980: Act 1 scene 3. RST

Richard II alone in his cell Richard II, 1980: Act 5 scene 5. RST

The Coronation of Bolingbroke Richard II, 1980: Act 4 scene 1. RST

Richard plays with a mirror in front of York and Bolingbroke after he has abdicated Richard II, 1980: Act 4 Scene 1. RST

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Richard II: RST November 1980

David Suchet as Bolinbroke: RST November 1980

Alan Howard as Richard II: RST November 1980

Bolingbroke and Richard: RST November 1980

Richard in prison: RST November 1980

Richard II: RSC November 1981

Alan Howard as Richard: RSC November 1981

Reflections in a mirror: RSC November 1981

Richard in chains: RSC November 1981

Playing Shakespeare/Richard II