Production Information


The Nottingham Theatre Trust Ltd. in association with the Arts Council of Great Britain presents

The Nottingham Playhouse Company


The Tragic History of Richard II

by William Shakespeare

Directed by John Neville

Assisted by Michael Rudman

This revival opened at the Nottingham Playhouse on 8th October 1965.

First performance of original production, 27th January 1965.

Richard II

Characters in the play:

King Richard the Second

John Neville

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, uncle to the king

Ronald Magill

Duke of York, uncle to the king

Christopher Hancock

Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford, son to Gaunt

Alan Howard

Aumerle, son to the Duke of York

Alfred Bell

Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk

John Tordoff

Lord Marshal, Earl of Salisbury

Anthony Langdon

Lord Berkeley

Martin Friend

Advisors to the king


Laurence Harrington


John Shrapnel


Giles Block

Earl of Northumberland

Harold Innocent

Henry Percy, his son

Alan Dossor

Lord Ross

Laurence Carter

Lord Willoughby

Patrick Tull

Bishop of Carlisle

John Tordoff

Abbot of Westminster

David H. Leland

Duchess of York

Ursula Smith

Queen to King Richard

Marian Forster

First Gardener

Martin Friend

Second Gardener

Donald Sumpter


Alan Dossor

Donald Sumpter


Anthony Langdon


Donald Sumpter


Mary Healey

Ann Teeton

Page to Duke of York

Neil Bennett

Exton's servant

Laurence Carter


Eden Hutton

Mark Kaniewski

Colin Richardson

Frederick Share

The Scene: England and Wales
One Interval of fifteen minutes


Stage Manager, Anthony Howell

Costumes by kind permission of the Royal Shakespeare Company

Musical Score by Bryan Kelly by kind permission of the National Youth Theatre

Wigs by Nathanwigs

Garden Implements by permission of Mr Lyth, Brackenhurst Farm Institute

Props made by the Playhouse Property Department

Set built in the Playhouse Workshops

Playing Shakespeare/Richard II