A heavenly comedy

Soup is a comedy set in a tumbledown heaven in the present day.

God is beginning to realise that the way he created the world simply saying Let there be light is woefully inadequate for an age where even schoolchildren read Stephen Hawking. Unless he can re-establish his credibility on earth, he's in big trouble.

Trevor Eve (crouching) and Alan Howard in 'Soup'

His office is decrepit; he's being forced move to smaller premises. Only Annie, his trusted assistant, prevents the empire from crumbling altogether. As science makes giant strides on earth, he panics: if we stop believing in him, will he simply cease to be?

The global TV campaign suggested by his PR adviser fails miserably, and God realises he'll have to resort to dirtier tactics to regain his market share. Old Testament vengeance sounds tempting, but the other gods catch him at the last moment. Not even Lucifer, God's original fixer, wants anything to do with him.

Who can he turn to? Einstein says he's a liar. Zeus thinks he's a loser. Freud says he doesn't even exist. When he begs Buddha for mystical enlightenment, he doesn't understand a word. And he dare not tell Annie, his only ally, what he's really up to.

By now, God is a nervous wreck. Recurring nightmares of Voltaire and the Inquisition force him to take the ultimate step, and he sets out for Lucifer's luxurious apartment one final time. Can Annie save him before he sells our souls to the Devil?


Alan Howard
Trevor Eve
Cathryn Harrison
Ken Campbell
Clive Merrison
Allan Corduner
Peter Banks
Karl Johnson
Peter Gunn

Director of Photography
Production Designer
Costume Design

Guy Morley
Malcolm McLean
Michael Carlin
Caroline Harris
Dial M

Produced by George Tiffin and Anthony Taylor

Written and Directed by George Tiffin

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