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'Rebecca's Tale' in paperback.

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Jenny Karat
Cork International

"I had to be talked into picking up Rebecca's Story by Sally Beauman as it is a companion to Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. I feel hugely protective towards favourite books and look with suspicion on attempts to interfere with them. But this is wonderful: full of the mystery, passion and 'Englishness' of Rebecca. Not constrained by what happened next, it is more of a what happened before, during and after novel. With the gorgeous cover, evocative writing, ready-made fan base and Little, Brown's wholehearted commitment to the book, it will be a hit purchase for women's read gift-hunters.

The Bookseller, 15.6.01

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'Rebecca's Tale', Warner, £6.99. 2nd May.
"Not a sequel but a companion to the Du Maurier, 20-years on. A compelling, captivating tale which I was initially sceptical about, but have now completely changed my opinion of. It's wonderful.

Sarah Broadhurst,The Bookseller, 25.1.02.

Rebecca's Tale in paperback published 2nd May 2002.

STOP PRESS: Rebecca's Tale has entered this week's Booktrack Paperback bestsellers chart at No. 9.
Time Warner UK website information.

Sally Beauman's brilliant Rebecca's Tale is being backed by unmissable colour advertising throughout the UK national press this month, with ads having already appeared in the Daily Mail, and more to come in the Times 'Play' secion (11/5), Sunday Times 'Culture' (12/5), Sunday Telegraph (12/5), Mail on Sunday (12/5) and the Daily Telegraph (18/5) next week. For more on this critically acclaimed and hugely popular bestseller visit

Audio Books News: Sally Beauman's Rebecca's Tale (Chivers £19.50) is a spellbinding re-creation of Daphne du Maurier's most famous heroine, irresistibly read by Robert Powell and Juliet Stevenson. It could well keep you incommunicado for the best part of 24 hours.
Sue Gaisford, Independent on Sunday, 21.7.02.

Sally Beauman's Rebecca's Tale (Time Warner) is one of the shortlisted books for WHS' £5000 Thumping Good Read Award. Other shortlisted authors are: Ruth Rendell, Mark Billingham, Harlan Coben, Martina Cole, Jane Green, Mo Hayder, Hector Macdonald, and Chris Ryan.
Reprt in The Bookseller, 26.7.02.

19.11.02. Rebecca, the never featured star of Daphne du Maurier's classic eponymous book and Alfred Hitchcock's film, is finally ready for her close-up. Rebecca's Tale, Sally Beauman's sequel to the classic thriller, is to be made into a four part TV drama. Production and cast remain a mystery with a Scarlett O' Hara-like search to find the leading lady under way. "The time scale is too complicated for a film", Beauman tells me bafflingly.

From the Wicked Whispers section of
The Daily Mail, 19.11.02.