Articles on or by Sally Beauman

Queen Magazine /Apr/Jun 1970: Diary of a liberated woman
(Sally Beauman)
The article that won the Pakenham Award

Sunday Telegraph Supplement /29/5/70: A Fellow Of Most Excellent Fancy
(Sally Beauman)

Sunday Telegraph Supplement /9/3/73: The revels are in hand and touring
(Sally Beauman)

Sunday Telegraph Magazine /7/1/79: One last cigarette
(Victoria Hainworth)

The Dial / November 80: Hamlet Now

Harpers & Queens /May 82: Royal Couple

Sunday Times Magazine /-/3/87: The Ice Maiden Cometh

People Weekly (USA) /27/4/87: Hot scenes and a cool million make
Sally Beauman's first novel a diamond in the buff
(Andrea Chambers)

Company Magazine /April 87: The Best of the Bodice Rippers (Madeleine Kingsley)

Mail on Sunday You Magazine /20/3/88: At home with Sally Beauman
(Angela Levin)

Bookseller Magazine /16/3/90: Sally Beauman - Goodbye Glitz

Daily Telegraph /29/4/90: Skeletons in an incestuous embrace

Books Magazine /May 90/vol4/no.2: Beyond Destiny

Daily Mail /4/5/90: Sally-ing forth

She Magazine /July 90: Hounded by love (Sally Beauman)

Daily Express /2/8/90: Spelling Blind Spots

Harpers & Queens /October 90: Car Test - In Lotus Land

Sunday Times /11/11/90: A life in the day of Sally Beauman

The Observer Magazine /7/4/91: A Roam of my Own
(Sally Beauman)

New Woman Magazine /April 91: Private Lives - Sally Beauman

Sunday Express Magazine /31/3/91: My Weekend - Sally Beauman

Daily Express /14/4/94: Sex marks the plot in Sally's racy romances
(Jane Warren)

Independent /27/4/94: "One night my dead mother rang me"
(Sally Beauman/Susan de Muth)

London Evening Standard /24/4/94: Lighting up the muse
(S.B. talks to Graham Bridgstock)

Daily Mail /5/12/94: Why is there such a fuss when a woman writes about sex? (Deborah Ross)

Daily Express /21/12/94: Fame and $1m Fortune were Sally's Destiny
(Natalie Graham)

Country Homes Magazine /March 96: At home in the Cotswolds with writer Sally Beauman

Daily Express /2/3/96: Beauman's out to bust bonk image

Guardian /31/3/97: The dark side of pulp fiction

Sunday Express Magazine /15/6/97: Gold Blend - Sally Beauman's garden

The Bookseller Magazine /15/6/01: Returning to Manderley
(Benedicte Page)

Sunday Telegraph /2/9/01: Rebecca Resurrected (Sally Beauman)

The Guardian /12/9/01: Haunted by Rebecca (Sally Beauman)

Waterstone's Books Quarterly /Issue 2/ 2001: A literary haunting
(Sally Beauman)

The Lady / 12-18/2/02: Island Retreat (Sally Beauman & Vanessa Berridge)

The Guardian / 13/7/02: Spell it out (Sally Beauman)

Cambridge Alumni Magazine (CAM) / No. 37 / Michaelmas Term 2002: My time at Cambridge (Sally Beauman & Jonathan Sale)

The Independent / 16/1/03: Passed/Failed (Sally Beauman & Jonathan Sale)

The Sunday Times / 16/3/03: My Hols (Sally Beauman & Clare Colvin)

The Independent / 14/1/05: Countryside Dalliance (Marianne Brace)

The Independent on Sunday / 20/2/05: Building a Library: the Brontës (Sally Beauman)

The Times / 5.11.05: Cotswolds' charm runs out as posh peasants take over (Valerie Grove)

The Independent / 18.4.06: We've been expecting you, Master Bond...; (Christina Patterson)

The Independent / 13.7.06: My First Job (Jonathan Sale)

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