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28.11.04. Article from the Observer Magazine, 17.7.77

Sally news from Persephone Books.

27.11.04. Added a picture of Katherine Compton, actress, 1853-1928, to the family history page.

24.11.04. The Compton Comedy Company programme for the London season, with extracts from Edward Compton's reviews.

18.11.04. Article added: The Royal Line, Guardian, 23.9.77.

11.11.04. News about publicity for Landscape of Love

3.11.04. Review and Information on The Play About The Baby.

21.10.04. Review of The Revenger's Tragedy from The Listener, 4.12.69.

12.10.04. Link to Sally Beauman talking about The Landscape of Love.(Use browser back button to return.)

24.9.04. Theatre Girls' Club on BBC Radio 4 has some comments from Alan on his occasional stays there as a child. To listen go to the Radio 4 website.

20.8.04. The Landscape of Love now has a book cover illustration.

5.8.04. Happy Birthday Alan! Added RSC Profile from Flourish, the RSC Newspaper for Autumn 1968.

2.8.04. Synopsis of The Landscape of Love from the Time Warner UK website.

24.7.04. Interview from Good Housekeeping Magazine, December 1981.

5.7.05. Confirmed new book out 20th January 05.

3.7.04. Started a considerable reorganising of the Sally corner of the website! You can get into it through the Introduction still, but now from the menu. The marketing people at Time Warner (Little Brown) seem to think the new book will be out in January 2005, not March 2005!

2.7.04. Interview with Helen Mirren about her playing of Cressida, Guardian, 4.9.69.

30.6.04. Review of A Midsummer Night's Dream from the New York Times, 28.8.1970.

20.6.04. Link added to new Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive site. An excellent and in depth coverage of the RSC Archive and performance history. Well worth a visit.

20.6.04. Added an item to Trivia!

12.6.04 Sally news!

7.6.04. Information on Francis Compton Mackenzie.

30.5.04. Two reviews of Henry V appearing in the New York Times of 27.7.75 and 23.4.76.

20.5.04. The website is very grateful for the contributions of Marion Hudson who has allowed access to her extensive archives and research for articles on Alan. Those articles will be marked (M.H) at the end.

10.5.04. Review of The Way of the World. ITV.

26.4.04. Article added from the UPI Press Agency, December 1981: Classics Actor Running Out Of Kings.

26.3.04. Review of A Perfect Spy, Daily Telegraph, 26.11.87.

24.3.04. Review added to Hamlet, Evening News, 5.6.70.

23.3.04. Added tables to As You Like It, King Lear (1968) and Hamlet.

19.3.04. Article from January 1976, All Hal Let Loose.

18.3.04. Added table to Much Ado About Nothing. and Henry V.

16.3.04. Added tables to Henry VI, Part 3, Coriolanus and Richard III.

8.3.04. Added table of further information and reviews to The Bewitched page. Also put the news on the Introduction page into a rolling table. Any news flagged up on the Introduction page will now be accessed from this page.

7.3.04. Added a table of further reviews to Antony and Cleopatra for those wanting to do further research on the production.

6.3.04. A great new RSC website from Simon Trowbridge which is basically a Who's Who of the RSC. Well worth a browse. It has been added to the Links page. A Dictionary of the RSC Also added an article, Howard's way back to Will, 1993, and a picture to The Swandown Gloves.

29.2.04. Headcase picture added to television section. Picture added to Waiting for Godot reviews. Some tidying up!

26.2.04. Two reviews for The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover added to film reviews section.

24.2.04. Pictures from Toronto - thanks Cindy!

24.2.04. Two American reviews of A Better Class of Person.

19.2.04. Interview link is very slow to appear on The Hollow Crown page, so access from this page at the moment. For those with digital radio, The Forsyte Saga is being re-broadcast on BBC 7. Good news for those of us who went mono after episode 16 due to the Gulf War!! Mondays 10.00 - 11 am, repeated Tuesday, 1.00 am.

18.2.04. Interview with Alan in the Toronto Star. "Alan Howard relished the Elvish"

14.2.04. An anti-Brook review in the Dream Corner - rare, but there were a few! So in the interests of balance ........

American review of A Midsummer Night's Dream added to Dream corner. I think Jack Kroll liked it!

9.2.04. Updated Coriolanus corner in the Shakespeare section.

8.2.04. Review from and an interview from the Globe and Mail.

8.2.04. Review added to The Hollow Crown page - The Eye, 5.2.04.

5.2.04. Additions to Troilus and Cressida in the Shakespeare section, including the controversy surrounding the representation of Achilles!

1.2.04. Review for Hollow Crown from the Toronto Sun, 31.1.04. Interview in the National Post, 31.1.04.

30.1.04. Reviews added for Dream and Troilus.

29.1.04. See Introduction!! Alan is in Toronto with Ian Richardson, Vanessa Redgrave and Donald Sinden, performing The Hollow Crown, until February 29th. Thanks to Anne for rapid information! Link to the production informantion from Introduction.. Also, interview with the cast in Toronto.

28.1.04. Review of Troilus and Cressida, Manchester Evening News, 24.6.69.

27.1.04. Review of Flight from the Ham & High, 27.2.98.

5.1.04. Review of Keepers of the Flame by Timothy Ramsden of 23.11.03.

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