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Happy Birthday!

22.12.03. Reviews of Keepers of the Flame from the Metro of 11.11.03, and The Stage of 18.12.03.

13.12.03. I supose it is unnecessary to point out that Return of the King is opening on 17th December, but - it is!

29.11.03. Previews for Foyle's War.

28.11.03. Snippet up on the ICA reading in April.

27.11.03. Visitor review of Keepers of the Flame - thank you, Marion.

20.11.03. Review of Keepers of the Flame from the TLS.

14.11.03. David Ward Recommends / from The Northern - the Guardian online. He seems to imply that Alan has only just reappeared on stage since leaving the RSC in 1982! Where has Mr Ward been in the last 14 years?

11.11.03. Review from the Guardian added. Also review from the Northern Echo. Update on Foyle's War II plus interview.

10.11.03. Picture added to FT review. Also added Peter Lathan's review from the British Theatre Guide website.

10.11.03. Sorry! Foyles War II - Alan is in episode 3! 'War Games'.

10.11.03. Reviews from the Times and the FT added.

7.11.03. Review from the Newcastle Journal.

6.11.03. First review for Keepers of the Flame from the Evening Chronicle.

6.11.03. Interview with Trevor Fox on Entertainment North East website. First rumour of a transfer to the Swan Theatre, Stratford, next year.

4.11.03. Foyle's War series 2 airs from 16.11.03. Alan is in episode 1,Fifty Ships. The link will take you to the production shots from Granada Media on the Michael Kitchen website.

29.10.03. Interview with David Rintoul in the Newcastle Journal - RSC go Live. Tidied up the Keepers of the Flame section generally!

28.10.03. Interview with Sean O'Brien in the Newcastle Journal. Also a link to an interview with Laura Norton who plays Lisa in Keepers.

24.10.13. New additions: Article on Hamlet; review of As You Like It; A piece of unknown origin - possibly the Manchester Guardian - about the Benefit for Edward Compton.

22.10.03. Review of Pygmalion, Observer, 12.4.92 and review from the Daily Mail, 10.4.92.

21.10.03. Review of Pygmalion, Daily Telegraph, 13.4.1992.

19.10.03. Improved La Grande Magia page - one small picture added.

17.10.03. Article from The Independent on Sunday, Re-Enter Stage Right, 17.5.92.

8.10.03. The new series of Foyle's War begins on the week beginning 11.11.03.

3.10.03. Alan will be in Foyle's War II, scheduled to be shown in November 2003.

1.10.03. Behind the Scenes at Keepers of the Flame.

29.9.03. RSC announce the casting for Keepers of the Flame on their website.

25.9.03. Piece on Notorious Woman, TV, 1974.

20.9.03. Information on Sean O'Brien added.

18.9.03.Official synopsis of Keepers of the Flame added.

17.9.03. More information on Keepers of the Flame.

15.9.03. News from Live Theatre, Newcastle. Alan is to lead the cast of Keepers of the Flame. It runs 4th to 30th November, 2003 as part of the RSC Newcastle season . The RSC season opens with Keepers of the Flame on 4th November and finishes on 6th December.

11.9.03. Review of Death In Holy Orders. New link added. The homepage has links to various actor sites posted by a specialist dealer in theatre memorabilia - for those collectors out there!

6.9.03. Added to Macbeth section Article / What's On London, 9.6.93

3.9.03. Two pictures from Death In Holy Orders added.

17.8.03. Death In Holy Orders goes out on Saturday 23rd August at 9.05 pm BBC1 and continues on Sunday 24th at 8.30 pm.

15.8.03. Message from the BBC on 'Death in Holy Orders'. They plan to show it "sometime between the 23rd and the 29th August" but have not finalised which days!

25.3.03. Production images from Henry V added, also, two general ones from Henry V 1966. Added Henry VI Part I, Part II and Part III images.

24.3.03. Production images of Macbeth from the RNT 1993 production - from the Performing Arts website. Also, images for Henry IV Part I and Henry IV Part II.

23.3.03. Other picture links: Coriolanus, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hamlet and King Lear 1997

22.3.03. Links to some of the images on the Performing Arts site added to Antony and Cleopatra and As You Like It Use browser back button to return to this site. Other picture links will be added.

22.3.03. New website on Michael Pennington has gone online. Designed by Mary Hunwicks, it looks as if it is going to be a valuable addition to actor sites. Check it out at I've added it to the Links page for future reference.

22.3.03. Performing Arts database Go to browse and the theatre archive section. Designing Shakespeare is excellent - all sorts of production photographs going back to the early 1960s. Lots of Alan! Feste - the RSC database is also accessed from this site.

21.3.03. Article by Sally B on My Hols. The Sunday Times, 16.3.03.

21.3.03.Henry VI as a trilogy reviews. Observer review of Henry IV Part II.

19.3.03. Check out latest news on Death in Holy Orders.

18.3.03. Guardian article: Howard lets the Good times roll, 10.4.82.

16.3.03. Some information about Soup, the film!

15.3.03. More information about La Grande Magia, with extra reviews and more on Wild Oats.

14.3.03. Reviews of Henry VI, Part II from the Times, Telegraph and Financial Times. Review of Henry VI, Part III from the Daily Telegraph.

9.3.03. Review of Henry VI, Part I. from the Telegraph, and a contrasting review from the London Evening Standard. Review of Henry IV, Part II from The Listener, July 1975.

2.3.03. Article from the London Evening Standard, The New Lion, October 1978 added. Richard II, 1965, Information added. Also a pictorial comparison of the same moment from the 1965 and the 1980 productions.

27.2.03. Sally news! She will be at the Oxford Literary Festival.

23.2.03. Additional reviews for Henry IV Part One.

10.2.03. Articles: Winding up, the elastic band, Evening Standard, 1984; Alan Breaks Back, Evening Standard, 1985.

9.2.03. Daily Telegraph, 1975, review of Henry V, also Observer review and Daily Telegraph 1976, added to Henry V corner.

9.2.03. Article: Times (USA) 23/4/76: Alan Howard, The Man Who Would Be King Henry (Richard Elder). Also an article from the San Francisco Chronicle, RSC Method Actor Explains, March 1969; report on the London transfer of Henry V.

4.2.03. Sally news! BBC R4 Book Club announcement for June 2003: Sally Beauman, author of 'Rebecca's Tale', discusses Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca at the Daphne du Maurier festival in Cornwall. Recording: Friday 16 May 2003. Transmission: 4pm Sunday 1 June 2003 BBC R4. Repeated: 4pm Thursday 5 June 2003.

4.2.03. Tweaked the family pages to make them easier to navigate! New page on Henry Compton.

2.2.03. Two new Dublin reviews of Dr. Faustus from the Irish tour in March 1970.

1.2.03. The Belgrade Theatre production of Julius Caesar added to the Shakespeare list and given a corner! Review from The Coventry Evening Telegraph, 4.3.1959 added. Review.

31.1.03. Article from the Daily Express, 20.4.77. One more crown for the king of kings. The article appeared in the London edition and in the Manchester edition with slightly different texts, so both are in!

31.1.03. Production Information for A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1964, and The Merchant of Venice, 1964.

31.1.03. Article: London stage giant Alan Howard shelves Shakespeare to play a Nazi for the 'Good' of Broadway New York Sunday Magazine, 1982.

27.1.03. Production Information on King Lear, 1997. Rehearsal picture for Macbeth

26.1.03. Production Information on Macbeth.

26.1.03. Article: Passed/Failed: 'I often dream about Girton'. An education in the life of writer Sally Beauman. The Independent, 16.1.03.

7.8.03. New link to Touchstone Shakespeare website.

5.8.03. Happy birthday Alan!

3.8.03. More information on Soup - with thanks to George Tiffin for the information and picture.

25.7.03. Happy birthday to Sally B! Reported in The Guardian - as usual - the only broadsheet not to publish Alan's birthday!!

5.7.03. Picture added to Guardian Flight review.

4.7.03. Guardian and Evening Standard reviews of Flight

29.6.03. Times review of Flight, accessed from the main review page.
Link to the BBC Drama Website and press pack added to Death in Holy Orders page. Also a cast list. The Times reports that it will 'be broadcast in late August'.

26.6.03. Death In Holy Orders - Martin Shaw stars as Adam Dalgliesh. - July or August 2003, BBC ONE.

22.6.03. Review of Flight / Time Out, 18.2.98

15.6.03. Review of Dakota Road / Time Out 15.7.92

7.6.03. Review of Witchcraft. BBC2 1992.

7.6.03. Article - The revels are in hand and touring - Sunday Telegraph Colour Supplement, 9.3.73.

18.5.03. Article on Sally Beauman from The Independent, 27.4.94. (Added by special request!)

11.5.03. Additions to the King Lear part of Playing Shakespeare. Article - Howard's way is an electric acting style, in the Newcastle Journal, 1.5.96.

5.5.03. Addition to Old Vic history! Article in the Daily Telegraph, 10.3.97. Also the last two Oedipus reviews for the moment - both of the transfer to London - from the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian.

4.5.03. Review of the radio Oedipus Rex

3.5.03. A new section - more?! - on the Peter Hall Company at the Old Vic with extra reviews of Godot and a new article from the Guardian on Waiting for Godot. I thought the history of the Old Vic experiment was interesting and worth putting on record - you don't have to go there if you don't want to!

1.5.03. Article on the Old Vic King Lear. Independent, 3.9.97.

27.4.03. Interview in the Telegraph about King Lear, 3.9.97. With a snappy and wonderfully original title!

25.4.03. Review of the Oedipus Plays at the Olivier added to the Oedipus Plays section.

24.4.03. Extracts from Barbara Hodgdon, The End Crowns All: Closure and Contradiction in Shakespeare's History (Princeton UP: Princeton NJ, 1991) on Henry IV, Part I and Henry IV, Part II and Alan on The Bewitched, from Flourish, the RSC magazine, 1974.

23.4.03. Two Actors: article by Sheridan Morley in Plays and Players, September 1969. (The other actor was Leonard Rossiter) Big re-arrangement of the Sally Beauman pages - hopefully some order among the former slight chaos! New article from the Cambridge Alumni Magazine (CAM) / No. 37 / Michaelmas Term 2002: My time at Cambridge (thanks go to JB Pick for the magazine!)

13.4.03. Troilus and Cressida on the radio - information and review - thanks to Mary Hunwicks, who saved me some work here! Also a set of new reviews and an article on The Oedipus Plays accessed from the main Oedipus page.

10.4.03. Sally news.

6.4.03. Bulgarian review of Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead from Kultura Weekly, 7.6.96. Article from the Sheffield Evening Telegraph, 29.4.70 - 'One of the bloody heroes' takes on Hamlet. Article from the Guardian, Howards Beginnings, 9.11.68. Quote on playing Henry V from the Jewish Echo, 2.7.76. Production information on the recording of Troylus and Cressida, 1962. Information on The Tempest

5.4.03. New articles - Alan waits for buzz - from the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 27.1.78, and the Observer /25/11/90: On the day he slams the front door, wear red for danger (Kate Kellaway).

30.3.03. Article: A day in the life of Alan Howard (alias Prince Hal and Henry V) Stephen Fay, Sunday Times, 21.3.76.

29.3.03. Check news on introduction page!

26.3.03. Production images from Much Ado About Nothing, Troilus and Cressida, Richard II, Richard III and Twelfth Night.

24.1.03. Daniell article Conclusion. Information about the One Ring from the extended DVD.

23.1.03. Part Three of the Daniell article is up and linked. There is a conclusion/closer look at certain points referred to in the text to go up - probably on Friday!

19.1.03. Part Two of the Daniell article is up and linked. Also some images of Henry VI Part Two from a magazine article - there do not seem to be any on the RSC website to link to!

18.1.03. Article by David Daniell on Opening up the Henry VI Plays in Performance, from the 'Themes in Drama' series, vol. 1, Drama and Society, (C.U.P., 1979). This is split into sections as it is long! The Introduction and Henry VI Part One sections are up, Parts Two and Three to follow.

13.1.03. Pictures for King Lear, 1968.

11.1.03. Information for Measure for Measure and pictures

11.1.03. Pictures for Coriolanus

9.1.03. Pictures for Troilus and Cressida

Pictures for Much Ado About Nothing

6.1.03. Production Information for Hamlet Pictures for Twelfth Night

6.1.03. Pictures for Antony and Cleopatra

5.1.03. Prouction Information for As You Like It

5.1.03. Pictures for A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It

4.1.03. Pictures for Richard II and Richard III

3.1.03. Improvements to As You Like It - Splitting the critics page! Plus a spelling correction!!

3.1.03. Pictures for Henry V added. Also: Henry IV Part II, Henry VI Part III, Henry VI Part I

2.1.03. New pictures being added for Shakespeare plays. First up, Hamlet and Henry IV Part I. All images are accessed from the RSC website pictures and exhibitions - well worth a visit - and you will need to return using the browser back button!

Pictures added for Comus, As You Like It, The Ride Across Lake Constance, The Balcony and The Black and White Minstrels - with thanks to Marion!

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